Warhammer 40,000: The Chaos Space Marine Codex

By | March 13, 2014

One man’s journey through the Chaos Space Marine Codex, and his excitement at all the new goodies.

“I am the Arch-fiend, the Despoiler of Worlds, and by my hand shall the false Emperor fall.”

Abaddon the Despoiler

These are the words of Abaddon the Despoiler, the new Warmaster after Horus’s fall to the hands of the Emperor of Mankind …and the one general I have yet to field in a Battle Report (I will change that soon, just you wait). I recently did an article about my three favorite new additions to Sixth Edition Warhammer 40k. With this article I wanted to go over my three favorite things with the new Chaos Space Marine Codex, and how I plan to use them in my army.

Dark Apostle

Technically not really new to Chaos, but the title is new to this type of character. My first recollection of a Dark Apostle was in fourth edition and was simply called a Chaplain. In essence that is what a Dark Apostle is, just with a Chaos twist. Dark Apostles are HQ choices for a Chaos army. They are the unholy priests of Chaos and add that zealotry to any army. They can be given a single Mark of Chaos to fit any army you want or no mark if you are going for a theme …which I plan to do.

Thanks to my uncle, whom also shares the same love for the game, sending me the Horus Heresy novels, I am now adding Word Bearers.  They are one of the more common Chaos armies with history in the Warhammer universe, and I cannot wait add them to my army, and plan to have the Dark Apostle leading the way.

chaos space marines codex



Cultists are yet another addition that is not really new per se, but still a happy addition. Chaos Cultists are citizens of the Empire of Mankind that have seen the Primordial Truth and have sworn allegiance to the Dark Gods of Chaos. They are a Troops choice although not men-at-arms, more like zealous militia, and are treated like cannon fodder but still add extra small arms fire to the battle.

Much like the Dark Apostle, Cultists will be a part of my Word Bearers detachment. They are the loyal servants to the Dark Apostle and will lead the charge to the enemy lines. When it comes to some of the Mission Options for battles, it would allow them to be scoring units that can hold objectives, but because of their almost lack of armor they will mainly be used to soak up shots. And with them being incredibly cheap, point wise, I can field scores of them in large squads.

chaos space marines codex - helldrake


One of the biggest changes to Warhammer 40k has been the inclusions of fliers. Every army has been getting air-support and Chaos, in my opinion, has an awesome one. While a few of the armies have two or three different types of fliers, Chaos has only one: the Heldrake. The Heldrake are great, winged daemon-engines of the skies and death for those on the ground.

There are two things I like about the Heldrake:

  1. An attack option known as Vector Strike. Vector strike is a swooping attack that can happen against both infantry and vehicles.
  2. One of the weapon choices, called the Baleflamer. Like other flame weapons, it uses a template when it hits. This means all those models under the template are hit by it. It is such a beautiful weapon for such a vicious army.



These are just three of the new elements added to the Codex for this edition. There are a few others that I did not mention but are pretty cool but I am not sure if I would add them to my army. It is always best to have an idea about what you want your army to become before you build it but it can get hard especially with all the sweet looking new models that Games Workshop rolls out.

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