The Walking Dead Strangers

By | October 19, 2014

Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead Strangers was written by the creative master mind behind it all: Robert Kirkman.  There will be spoilers in this article, pretty much going forward.  Make sure you’ve watched the Season 5 Premiere or at least read our review before reading this one.

The Walking Dead Strangers - Father Gabriel


This week introduced a new character to the cast: Father Gabriel, a lone preacher without a congregation.  Before we rescued him from some of the walking dead, most of the group began making amends with one another.  We rescue Father Gabriel, and he leads the group back to his church where he has been surviving alone since the outbreak.  Here’s the big spoiler, and the thing that’s making Rick uneasy (but he can’t quite figure out).  Father Gabriel ran off his congregation and sealed himself in the church.  He continually turned away his congregation and listened as they condemned him from outside.  They begged and pleaded, but he turned them away.  Eventually the dead came and he had to listen as all those people begging to be let in were killed.  That’s his big secret.  As far as secrets go in the Zombie Apocalypse, it really isn’t that bad.  At least he didn’t torture them personally, or barbecue them.  Speaking of which, if you had any doubts about the cannibalism happening at Terminus, they’ve been put to rest at the end of Strangers.  Poor Bob caught stalked, picked off, taken away, and had his leg amputated.  Then we get to see Gareth eating it.  Oh, the guy Tyrese thought he killed back at the shed?  Definitely alive and having a good time at the all-Bob Barbecue.  So, Bob was wrong and Rick was right.  They should have left none alive from Terminus.  Now it’s going to come back to bite them… (pun intended).

The Walking Dead Strangers

Rick and the gang do decide to follow Abraham to Washington DC so that Eugene can cure the world, which is about when Bob gets abducted.  It was very unclear last episode just how far behind Morgan was to everybody, but he was not in tonight’s episode.  Or was he?  He could be the mysterious person stalking the group that left no tracks.  I don’t think Gareth would really know how to hide his tracks to make it look like he wasn’t there… but then again, how would Morgan know how to do it.  So much up in the air.  I have a feeling that we’ll finally be checking in with Beth’s crazy situation next week, and that’s really all I care to speculate about.

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