Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere

By | October 12, 2014

Be warned, it’s hard to talk about The Walking Dead season 5 premiere without talking about spoilers.  So this is the official spoiler warning going up for the duration of the article.  Also, I’ve noticed that Facebook ignores special descriptions for it when you share the article, so I don’t want someone inadvertently getting a spoiler in the first two or three sentences.  On with the article!

Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere

I loved the opening episode of this season.  Carol was such a BAMF!  (Look it up. Samuel L. Jackson has it on his wallet. LOL)  If you were wondering what happened to the hippie guy from Season 4 Episode 4, Sam, well… he headed for Terminus.  He’s the first one to get a whack and slash in the Terminus Cannibal Kitchen.  By the way, I totally knew they were cannibals.  My saying for the last few months has been “soylent green is people!”  I also have a hunch that the names in the big memory room are those they have eaten.  Anyways, Rick and gang do get away sort of, but it isn’t solely based on their awesome plan.  Of course being in that “go get ’em” mentality definitely helped.  Carol actually comes to the rescue, using a gun and a bottle rocket to blow up a propane tank and zombie camouflage (a beautiful throwback to the first season) to sneak in and rescue her friends.

Eugene, the scientist with the mullet, finally reveals his big “save the world” plan.  It’s not a very good one.  He apparently worked with Department of Defense people while he was a genome researcher and plans on setting off a doomsday device that would normally eradicate all human life.  He thinks he can reset it to just target the walkers.  Hopefully someone will tell him that if he targets using the infected DNA, it will still wipe out all human life, since we’re all infected.  No mention of Beth in this episode, but will probably see her in the next.  Otherwise, the big character reveal in the final minute of The Walking Dead was Morgan!  He’s got himself together and was heading to Terminus.  Rick marked through a Terminus sign so that it would read “No Sanctuary” and headed into the woods.  It looks like Morgan is heading in that direction, but a bit later.  We didn’t see our group marking trees, but when Morgan heads into the woods the trees are marked.  The speculation in my house is that Morgan will meet up with Gareth.

Comic Book Crossover: The Penguin in The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere!

If you’re loving all this comic book based television, then look for Gotham tomorrow night!  Sam, the aforementioned hippie that bites it right away in The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere?  He’s totally the Penguin on Gotham!

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