Warhammer 40K: Three Favorite New Rules in 6th Edition

By | March 9, 2014

With every new edition of Warhammer that comes around there are rules that make the game greater than the previous edition. Some rules carry over from edition to edition, some get scrapped. Warhammer is now on its sixth edition and I wanted to take this time to point out my three favorite new rules in 6th edition that I am truly happy with.

favorite new rules in 6th edition

Warlord Traits

When it comes to creating your army list you are also picking your warlord. Your Primary force will always have a single warlord no matter how many detachments you have (I will explain this later). As a way to represent this, your warlord has a specific trait that benefits the army in some fashion. There are two places to select your warlord trait from.

Rule Book

First way is to select it from the rule book. There are three categories that you can randomly generate it from:

  1. Command
  2. Personal
  3. Strategic

Army Codex

The second is to generate it from your army codex. While the rule book has generic warlord traits an army codex has tailored traits fitting to the armies history and specific flavor.


In every battle situation, what helps you to win is not always what you have in the way of weapons, but who is standing beside you. Introduced back in third edition (I honestly do not recall it in second ed. when I first started playing) was the force organization chart. This is the minimum requirements for an army to be formed.


  • 1 HQ choice (your warlord)
  • 2 troop choices (basic infantry)
  • Also, you can choose:
    • up to one more HQ choice
    • four troops choices
    • three elite choices
    • three fast attack choices
    • three heavy support choices

As a way to supplement this you have an option to bring allies. The allies force organization chart is a minimum of:

  • 1 HQ (not your warlord)
  • 1 troop choice
  • with the option to bring:
    • 1 more troop choice
    • 1 elite choice
    • 1 fast attack choice
    • 1 heavy support choice


This has got to be my number one favorite rule. When it comes to vehicles, there are two types of hits when shooting at them in combat: glancing hits and penetrating hits.

Glancing hits are when the combined strength of a weapon used and roll of the dice equal the armor rating of the target vehicle.

Penetrating hits are when the total amount exceeds the armor rating. But before you had two charts that you would roll on after those rolls and results are resolved to find out what happens to the vehicle.

There was always a chance that you could destroy a vehicle even on a glance hit. Not anymore. Now, there is a new stat incorporated on a vehicle profile: Hull Points.

Hull Points are a bit like hit points. If Hull Points fall to ‘0’ then the vehicle is wrecked. How do vehicles lose Hull Points? Each glancing or penetrating hits takes away a Hull Point but if it is a penetrating hit then the shooter rolls on a separate chart to see what else the hit does. It can cause anything like weapon destroyed, immobilized, or vehicle destroyed regardless how many Hull Points are left. It makes it worth it, points wise and cost (money) wise, to bring vehicles now knowing they cannot be destroyed on a single glancing hit.

There are several other different rules that I like, these are just my top favorite new rules in 6th Edition.

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