Thor 2 The Dark World – A review by Geeks you can trust.

By | November 13, 2013

Check out what some of the crew behind AnonymousGeek thought of the latest movie set in the Marvel Universe: Thor 2 The Dark World.

thor 2 the dark world

Did you see the movie in 3D? If so, was the 3D good or did you find it distracting or gimmicky?

Doyle:  I did not see the movie in 3D, but I don’t ever watch a movie in 3D if I can help it.  The glasses don’t sit too well over my eye glasses.

Brock:  No, I saw it in 2d but from what I saw they didn’t seem to focus too much on making it look like a 3d film either. But I am going to see it again so I will check to make sure of my opinion.

Joe:  I did not op to see the movie in 3D. I actually dislike the whole 3D experience as it gives me a migraine and I end up not enjoying the movie. I have not seen a film in 3D since Transformers Dark Side of the Moon which had so many little parts moving around that I ended up getting sick.

How do you feel that it compared to the 1st Thor?

Doyle:  In my honest opinion The Dark World was a better movie than the first Thor.  It was so good that I couldn’t believe it was almost over when it was almost over.  I felt like I hadn’t been in the theatre but about an hour.

Brock:  I will say this, like I have of all the Marvel Studios films to date: They know what continuity is!!! It is not just the first Thor movie they made sure to incorporate in this film but the other films (specifically The Avengers) in this one. It ties into the other movies as well as the first Thor movie.

Joe:  I am honestly not a huge fan of the Thor series but with that being said compared to the first one I actually liked this movie a lot better.

How was it as a sequel?

Doyle:  As far as sequels go, this is the best Marvel movie sequel yet.  Of course, only having Iron Man 2 to compare it to is hard, even though I enjoyed Iron Man 2.  It didn’t feel the need to explain many of the events in Thor and let you just jump into the action and enjoy a good story.

Brock:  As a sequel it was amazing. Although I am not a Thor expert, the elements that were included in this film do seem to tie right back into the comics.

Joe:  As a sequel this movie did something I rarely find in sequels it surpassed the first one. For me it was a great movie and it kept me watching till the very end. Maybe this was due to the fact that in between the two I went back and read up on some comics and so had a baseline of where the story was going.

Did it move things along within that story?

Doyle:  There was a lot of character development in this movie.  Jane is understanding what it means to have a love interest in Thor, and Thor is understanding what it means to be a champion / hero.  However, some of the most interesting character development revolved around Loki.

Brock:  Oh YES!!! I don’t want to give away any spoilers… not for this movie at least.

Joe:  Over all the story moved at a nice pace and without giving away anything to someone who has not seen the movie it clearly set up for another piece in the puzzle.

Thor 2 The Dark World Loki

What were your favorite moments of the movie?

Doyle:  Chris Evans’ cameo was great, as was Stan Lee’s, but the battle on Svartalfheim between Thor’s grandfather and Malekith seemed almost out of a Lord of the Rings movie.  Which is good to me.

Brock:  Honestly, it would be easier to point out my least favorite moments… to which there is none!

Joe:  SPOILER ALERT! My favorite moment in the movie had to be when Loki decided to actually be a good guy for a moment and use a little sorcery to fool Malekith into thinking he was against Thor. I honestly did not see that coming.

Thor 2 The Dark World Captain America

How well did it move along the overall Marvel Movie Universe?

Doyle: T he Avengers references were definitely there, hence the Chris Evans cameo.  From the trailer, you’re led to believe that a lengthy, giant battle on Earth is going to happen at some point.  The creative team did a good job making sure that the audience knows the battle lasts less than ten minutes.  Otherwise, S.H.I.E.L.D and the other Avengers should have shown up.  The movie was definitely made for the Marvel Universe, but other than some backward nods, the movie itself didn’t reveal a lot of what could be going on in the rest of the world.  I can forgive that in a Thor movie, since it does take place on at least one realm other than Earth (Midguard), and The Dark World also addded Svartalfheim and Vanaheim.

Brock:  Again, this movie gets tied back into the previous movies and is basically one giant story continually growing to epic proportions. If you want to know what I mean then be sure to stay after the credits.

Joe:  I can see that this movie is setting the scene for another Avengers movie and while I don’t think it will tie into Avengers 2 it will very likely be a part of Avengers 3.

Other thoughts?

Doyle:  The direction, scripting, cinematics, and art all lend to making this one of the most comic feeling movies I’ve seen.  It gave me the same satisfaction as picking up a really well written and well drawn comic book.  The first after credits scene (yes, there are two) introduces The Collector and moves along the Infinity Gems story that should be the ultimate focus of The Avengers 3.

Brock:  One thing I was really hoping to at least hear about was the possiblity of Beta Ray Bill. Since they are kind of making the Asgardians out to be a type of alien and considering the enemy used in the Avengers, I would have really liked to have seen something to incorporate him. Maybe at a later date.

Joe:  The one thing that I always find amusing when I am at a comic style movie of any kind is that you can always tell at the end who the true comic fans are because they remain seated when the credits roll because there is always an after credit scene. So many people got up when the credits rolled and I just shook my head and laughed.

Thor 2 The Dark World The Collector

Would you recommend this movie to a Geek?

Doyle:  I think that goes without saying, even if they aren’t a Marvel fan.

Brock:  (see next question)

Joe:  I would recommend this movie to a fellow geek.

Would you recommend this movie to a non-Geek?

Doyle:  For any non-Geeks that seen Thor, The Dark World is a great sequel.  Even if you only caught the first one in bits and chunks, the sequel is still a great movie to see.

Brock:  I have already recommended it to geek and non-geek equally! Anyone who likes movies will enjoy this film if not for love of the comic genre then for the love of good story telling.

Joe:  I am not so sure that a non geek would enjoy this movie but then as I said I am not a huge fan of the Thor series in general but this one did improve my feelings overall.



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  1. Sarah

    Why didn’t SHIELD pickup when Darcy called and left voicemails? That’s my only question. Otherwise, GREAT movie! 🙂

    1. Doyle Post author

      I thought that was a little odd, but may be a tie-in for a future movie. Maybe they were busy with a very big problem…

    1. Doyle Post author

      Two additional after movie scenes? Yes, the one with The Collector (an Avengers 3 tie-in) and a more romantic shawarma scene were Thor actually comes back for Jane after the battle.

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