The Wolverine Movie Review

By | July 28, 2013

Let me begin by saying this: if you have NEVER read a Wolverine comic in your life then you will enjoy this movie. It flows nicely, the action is not extremely over the top, and adds a new depth to Logan’s, a.k.a. Wolverine’s, character.  On to The Wolverine movie review.

 The Wolverine Movie Review

The movie begins in Nagasaki, Japan… I am sure you can figure out that Wolverine survies the explosion and if you are asking, ‘What explosion?’ then you need to go back and study history. Anyways, Logan saves a Japanese soldier named Yashida. Fast forward 68 years and Wolverine is living in a cave. Apparently he has segregated himself from the rest of the world after he killed Jean, which she is ‘haunting his dreams’ in a fashion. They gave him a madness apparently. While living in the wilderness, as always, something brings him out and back to civilization and into a violent encounter with some hunters but he is stopped from killing anyone by Yukio, ward of Yashida, who is there to bring him to Japan.

I don’t want to tell you how everything plays out so I will give you the cliff notes:

Wolverine in Japan, meets older Yashida, Yashida makes him offer, Wolverine considers offer refuses, treachery occurs, his healing power gets suppressed (in a somewhat believable way but it’s still a stretch), he meets Mariko (instant attraction, duh what a surprise there for those of us who read the comics), Yashida “dies”, they go to funeral, ambush, fighting, running, more fighting, more running, peace, love, happiness gone, anger, revenge, Yashida lives (shocker), bad guys lose, everybody good and happy.

The Wolverine Movie Review

Now for the rant that I have since X-Men Origins: Wolverine that has to do with adamantium. If you recall Stryker shot Wolverine with an adamantium bullet which caused his amnesia to create continuiety for the first X-Men film. That was over stretched given that adamantium is supposed to be indestructable and they went even further with that in this movie. THEY CUT OFF HIS ADAMANTIUM CLAWS!!! I am really annoyed that Fox has access to the source material but continues to disreguard it whenever they want. It destroys the story and makes continuity impossible. But because of his healing ability he gets his bone claws back by the end of the movie which is where Fox decided to throw away continuiety all together.

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: At the end of the credits Magneto and PROFESSOR X come back. It is a tie in to the next movie obviously, but WHAT THE FRAK! How in the name of Lady Deathstrike is that possible? If you can answer that before the next movie, kudos to you because it doesn’t make sense!!!
Big question that I know you all are asking, “Is it still worth seeing?” Sadly, yes it is. Although I suggest you see it in 2D to save money. I am loath to admit it, even though Fox is still ruining the franchise I am still drawn to see more with the hope (misplaced as it is) that they will wake up and correct there screwed pooch.

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