The Strain Finale reveals a few things about The Master

By | October 7, 2014

Sunday night marked the close of The Strain’s first television season, and I was there (tweeting the whole time).  The Strain finale answered a lot of things about the character it was titled after: The Master.

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The Strain - Vampire Kelly meets The Master

The Strain finale opens up with newly rejuvenated Eldritch Palmer having a falling out with his right hand man Fitzwilliams.  We also get a disagreement between Ephraim and Abraham.  The more interesting thing is following up with Gus and Quinlin (the vampire).  We only touch base with them and won’t really get back to them until all the action is over.  There were some great moments and some strange moments.  For instance, we already know that Boliver is very much a balding man from the first few episodes of the show… why is vampire Bolivar wearing the black wig?

The Strain Finale - Twitter

One of the biggest things we discover is that while direct sunlight will instantly roast one of the newly made vampires, it’s more of a slow cooking process for an ancient one like The Master.  He was able to survive in raw daylight for what seemed like minutes.  I’m sure it was more like seconds, but his exposure to daylight was prolonged.  A fact that Abraham Setrakian was unaware of.  It definitely made for some nail biting moments.

The Strain finale - Tweets


The Strain Finale Reveals the Other Ancients

Gus comes face to face with the other ancients, who are currently in a sleep state and have Quinlan to speak for them.  Through this we learn that The Master has broken an ancient truce by essentially declaring war on humanity.  It sort of makes sense that vampires (even strigoi) wouldn’t want to infect or destroy all of humanity.  If that happens, what do they have to feed on then?  We haven’t seen them eating each other yet, so it’s safe to assume they need uninfected blood.  Not necessarily human, because the vamps in the tunnels have been eating rats, but if every human on Earth were turned, they would run out of food in a matter of minutes.

So, Gus is joining up with Mr. Quinlan and the other ancients and Setrakian and gang are going back to the drawing board on how best to kill the master.  Hopefully next season these two groups converge.  There’s also one bit of speculation I want to throw out there.  If Boliver was so important to The Master’s plan, what about the 3 other survivors?  Coincidence?  I’m not so sure.  Perhaps they were all fallback locations.  They seem to have lived pretty spread out.  It doesn’t matter much now since they’re all dead.  Again.  At any rate, I can’t wait for the next season of The Strain, but another big Sunday night show hits this weekend.  That’s right, The Walking Dead is back!  I’m a huge fan of the show, mostly because I’m a huge fan of the creator:  Robert Kirkman.  If you’re not familiar with Kirkman, get familiar, because he’s awesome.  Professionally and personally.

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