The Strain Episode 9 Receives its final reward

By | September 8, 2014

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My DVR failed to record and I had to catch a later showing, which resulting in catching bits and pieces throughout the night.  There were a lot of things I really enjoyed about this episode.  Most of all, I liked Setrakian’s interactions with Ephraim’s son Zach.  The fleshing out of the hacker character has been interesting too, because I didn’t really think she would become a main character.  What follows is a recap riddled with spoilers.

The Strain Episode 9 opens with Ephraim bursting into his old house to save his son Zach from his wife’s new boyfriend, now turned vampire, Matt.  The rest of the team make it inside after Eph dispatches the vampire and begin searching the house for Kelly.  Not finding her they decide to burn the body and flee the house.  Felix is well into the turn while still locked in a holding cell with Gus and other prisoners.

Eph sends Zach with Setrakian and the others while he and Nora stay behind to take care of Matt’s body.  Nora is still upset about Vasiliy taking Jim’s life and confronts him before they leave for Abraham’s pawn shop.  During a quick flashback we see Abraham’s camp digging their own mass grave.  At the hacker’s apartment, Fet walks her up and for good reason.  Her friend, who got away, has robbed her blind and taken her laptop.  Meanwhile, in the bread truck outside, Setrakian begins talking to young Zach.  Giving him some gentle lessons on the vampires.  During another flashback, we see young Abraham sneaking into the workshop to steal a silver dagger.  Caught inside by Eichorst who assumes he is anxious to work again after finishing the coffin, but informs him that he is to join the others.  Back in the apartment, a friend and neighbor newly infected comes in and attacks Fet and the hacker.  After taking him out, they rejoin the others in the bread truck and head for the pawn shop.

The Strain Episode 9 - Pawn Shop

At the pawn shop, Nora’s mother greets them quite angrily and they all go into the more hidden part of Abraham’s shop.  Abraham gives Zach a book and instructs him to read and he and Fet begin discussing the role humans are playing in all this.  Fet goes home to get a few things and promises to return.  Back at Ephraim’s old house, he and Nora are taking care of Matt’s body and discuss Kelly’s whereabouts.  While burning the body, they discuss Jim and try to get a little closure.  Abraham and the hacker begin discussing Palmer and her role in the chaos.  The conversation turns to Eichorst and Setrakian asks if she can undo what she has done.  Another flashback reveals young Abraham’s face-to-face encounter with The Master.  After a failed attempt to kill The Master, he breaks Abraham’s fingers after a brief encounter.

The prison transport with Felix and Gus are en route to Rikers Island, but Felix (now turned) attacks the driver, wrecking the transport.  Back at Eph’s house, Nora calls her mother to touch base.  Things get very steamy between Ephraim and Nora, leading to sex.  The other guard unlocks the truck and walks toward Felix, only to be attacked.  Gus is forced to put Felix down after getting the keys off the guard’s body.  Gus makes a run for it in his prison orange as fast as he can.  Setrakian sits down with Zach again before flashing back to his escape from the encampment.  Eichorst sees his hands during a sorting of movement or execution and chooses him for execution.  Before the squad can terminate them, Allied Forces move in on the location and the prisoners seize the moment and run for it.

The Strain Episode 9 - Kelly Missing

Diane bursts in on Eph and Nora, looking for Kelly.  Eph confesses his love for Kelly to Diane, in front of Nora.  Clearly causing some tension with Nora.  They decide to get out ASAP since Diane is probably going to call the police.  With Nora and Eph back at the pawn shop, Eph finds out that Setrakian did tell Zach that he had to burn Matt’s body.  Everybody settles in to get some rest before starting the search for Kelly tomorrow.  Eichorst gets home and pull out the silver slug from his leg and has his own flash back.  1944 Poland, he has retreated to a bunker where The Master’s coffin is held.  Beginning to think he has been forsaken, he starts to despair, but The Master comes to him and gives him his final reward for faithful service to the New Order.

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