The Strain Episode 8 Leaves Fire In Its Wake!

By | August 31, 2014

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The Strain Episode 8: Ephraim meet Vasiliy

The previews for The Strain Episode 8 revealed that Eph and crew would soon meet Vasiliy Fet, and we were all taking bets as to how soon in the episode that scene would happen.  I was pretty surprised that it followed the opening scene.  Ephraim comes up with the idea of creating artificial sunlight as a weapon and the crew breaks into a medical supply store.  Mistaking them for looters, Vasiliy confronts them at gunpoint in the store.  After some banter and haggling over UV lamps, Setrakian gets Vasiliy to himself to have a conversion about the creatures.  Inside a nearby convenience store our team is buying goods alongside the mysterious hacker that gridlocked the cities data channels.  Outside, however, many vampires are closing in.  Abraham takes out a few and hits many with silver nails using his nail gun.  Everyone retreats inside the store to regroup, but during the retreat Jim gets a scratch from a stinger.  Vasiliy gets the rules from Setrakian on how to kill the vampires, before a store worker makes a run for it and gets attacked.  The hacker attempted to run with him, but stopped short and was pulled back by Ephraim and Nora.  During this time we find out that The Master sees and hears through the other vampires.  Unfortunately, we also find out that Jim has been infected, but Eph is going to try to cut out the worm.

The Strain Episode 8 – Convenience Store Surgery

Eph manages manages to pull out the parasitic worm while Vasiliy and the others are prepping a car for a getaway.  A vampire breaks through the front door as a distraction while another climbs the pole outside to cut power to the store.  As the vampires start to close in all on sides, Setrakian formulates a plan to go for a bread truck in the parking lot.  During the prep-work Setrakian elaborates that Eichorst is special and chosen and granted the ability to retain parts of himself.  During this time we also discover that the parasite inside Jim had multiplied.  Jim volunteers to be put down as he would “rather be dead than turn into one of them”.  Vasiliy is the only one, other than Abraham, with conviction enough to very quickly pull the trigger on Jim which enrages Ephraim.  As the vampires storm and swarm the store, our team makes their break for the truck.  During the escape, Ephraim puts down the bread truck driver, realizing that it is the humane thing to do.  The team makes it away from the convenience store leaving fire in their wake.

The Strain Episode 8: RIP Jim Kent

What a great episode!  Tonight seen Vasiliy Fet join up with our team right at the beginning and we also group up with the mysterious hacker.  Cannot wait to see how the next episode goes, even if I am a little bummed that Sean Astin’s character Jim Kent was killed off.  It’s now public knowledge that FX has renewed the show for a second season, and I couldn’t be happier.  Also, my Mom’s pretty happy about it too!

Next Episode: The Disappeared

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