The Strain Episode 7 Leaves No Corrupted Alive

By | August 24, 2014

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The Strain Episode 2 Spoilers

Tonight opened with the lawyers husband arriving back in New York and receiving a call from the Nanny warning him that his wife is not well.  From there he hops a taxi home and finds many infected.  Once inside the house, he finds his wife, but not exactly as he had left her.  It took a while, but it looks like she went through all the changes and is not a vampire.  A good action packed start to The Strain Episode 7: For Services Rendered.

Coming back to Abraham’s place, Nora and Ephraim get the primer on vampires and The Master.  Abraham Setrakian’s new plan involves going after The Master.  Then we flash back to 1944 Poland where we get to see Eichorst at his Nazi worst.  Brandishing a confiscated Jewish talisman, he begins interrogating the workman in the shop.  Abraham is the wood worker in question and he gets taken for a special project, creating The Masters coffin.  Gus is being processed by the police, but they will not heed his warnings about the monster he encountered.  Jim is packing for the trip with his wife Sylvia to Palo Alto to get her treatment.  She senses something is wrong, but Jim denies it.  It gets harder to deny when Eph, Nora, and Abraham show up.

The Strain Episode 7 - Eichorst

Eichorst holding the talisman.

Ephraim spills all the beans about Jim’s involvement and the current outbreak.  Sylvia denies everything they’re saying, even when it’s from Jim.  Abraham has Jim describe the German he’s been working for and confirms that it is Thomas Eichorst.  He tells the story behind himself and Eichorst.  Apparently, Eichorst was a particularly nasty Nazi, not just a follower.  Back with the lawyer’s Nanny, her daughter, a nurse, is going to return the children.  Onward to Stonheart Group, we see Eldritch recovering from his surgery as Eichorst enters to discuss the overarching plan.  We get to hear a voice message Jim left for Eichorst through Eldritch.  Our heroic team is attempting to draw Eichorst out in an attempt to get to The Master.

In lockup with Gus we see that Felix is very sick as the infection is raging through him.  Unfortunately they’re both locked in a holding cell with about a dozen others.  Back with the team, Abraham is still trying to win them over on the merits of silver against the vampires.  We get another flash back to the work shop where a young Abe has stolen a piece of silver cutlery from the adjoining smelting room.  He gets an unexpected visit from a drunken Eichorst.  After arguing politics for a few minutes, Eichorst offers our young Setrakian a choice to try to grab his pistol from the table and kill him.  Abraham does not accept the offer and chooses to continue his work.

Following the Nanny, we arrive at the lawyer’s house and the children blindly run inside and find their father dying and are attacked by their mother.  She attempts to give chase, but sunlight keeps her at bay.  Unfortunately they are trapped in the house due to locked doors.  At the meet up, Jim comes face to face with Eichorst, who senses not only the trap but also Abraham.  Eichorst threatens to kill Sylvia and walks away.  He seems to be luring our team into a new trap.

The Strain Episode 7 – Traps for Everyone!

The traps appears to be just for Setrakian, but Eph and the others are moving quickly to intervene.  This is very much a game of cat and mouse, but our mouse has friends with silver bullets who just make it time.  Flashing back again we see that Abraham finished the coffin in his workshop.  Back at the lawyers house we meet a new character!  A strange hooded vampire saves the Nanny and children with a stake gun.  With a small group behind him, he inspects them for the infection.  Unfortunately, the Nanny’s daughter was “corrupted” and he puts a stake in her head.

The flash backs really made The Strain Episode 7 fantastic.  It interwove a lot of what we knew with the characters we love.  The new hooded vampire may remain a mystery next episode too, but we did see Ephraim meeting Vasiliy!

Next Episode: Creatures of the Night

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