The Strain Episode 6 has a new plan!

By | August 17, 2014

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Occultation opened with this very sci-fi scene of New York from space and followed a telecom satellite slowly passing over while we were fed all the goings on.  Everyone seems to be talking about the upcoming eclipse.  Like last week’s episode, The Strain episode 6 “Occultation” was directed by Peter Weller.

The Strain Episode 2 Spoilers

Eichorist has some guy locked up in a room chained to some medieval-like torture system, and feeds on him.  Eph’s wife gets a call in person from the FBI.  Fet’s still recovering from his experience in the sewers.  Eichorst pulls Gus in for more work.  Zach sees his dad on TV “wanted” as Eph runs into the house to warn his wife to get Zach out.  Kelly pushes back but her new boyfriend calls the FBI who arrive promptly and take Ephraim into custody.

Kelly tells off the new boyfriend, Matt, and takes Zach after he flips out about the Eph situation.  Abraham goes to the next person on the list and finds dishes and food still on the dining table and an empty main floor.  Walking into the basement looks like something out of a horror movie, but quickly finds multiple infected and goes to work with his sword and takes one down before having some sort of medical episode.  Fighting his way out with his silver nail gun, he makes it to the kitchen and turns all the gas on.  Back with whats-her-face, the FBI show up as Jim is telling her that Eph was arrested.  Abraham has to take a cab ride back home before the eclipse starts.  Gus meets with Eichorst and after a disagreement gets a taste of the power these vampires possess once they’re fully transformed: Super fast and super strong.  Gus begrudgingly accepts his assignment of moving a body from the morgue.

The Strain Episode 6 - Eichorst

Back at FBI HQ, Ephraim is being interrogated and abused by agents.  Gus’s wheel-man turns out to be Jim Kent.  Nora takes her mother to Abraham’s.  Fet returns to his office to find it deserted.  Even cellphones were left behind.  His boss is infected and after attacking Fet gets fried in the sunlight as does Loretta (the flirty coworker).

FBI HQ: Eph gives the whole story to the FBI and tries to get the agents to follow him for the answers.  Back at Kelly’s house, she’s boozing it up with a friend instead of fleeing the city.  Jim and Gus got Cpt Doyle’s (no relation) body and dumped it in the river.  Fet pays a visit to his folks.  It’s blatantly obvious of the falling out between them regarding his chosen profession.  Moments before the eclipse, we’re back with Kelly and Zach.  Talking about what had happened with the FBI and deciding if they should leave the city like Eph said.

The Strain Episode 6 – The unfortunate return of the Medical Examiner

The Eclipse hits the city and the first vampire comes out.  It’s the medical examiner. Needsless to say, Eph doesn’t have to worry about the FBI Agents anymore.  Matt is at work worrying about Kelly when one of his employees comes into the back injured and attempts to confront two vampires.  In a strange turn of events, Gus and Felix run into the M.E. which Gus whacks with a pipe, but not before Felix gets infected.  The police show up just in time to take them both into custody.  Ephraim finally makes it to Abraham’s and finds Nora Martinez with her mother.  Abraham announces that they are both ready and he has a new plan.

This was a very fast moving episode and really tried to touch on almost every character.

The Strain Episode 6 - Eclipse

This promo image certainly makes sense now.

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