The Strain Episode 5 escapes with the evidence!

By | August 10, 2014

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Unlike previous reviews of the show The Strain Episode 5 review has spoilers throughout, so read on at your own risk.

This week The Strain episode 5 opens up by going back to rockstar survivor Gabriel.  The urologist that was recommended to him back in episode 3 makes her house call, but finds a little more than an eccentric rockstar with personal problems.  Gabe has undergone all the necessary changes and drags her off to some room in his club.  He seems very possessive too, saying “mine” to his manager after she catches him feeding on the doctor.

Getting back to Ephraim and Abraham, we find them at french girl’s house.  Apparently they didn’t have to burn down the whole house.  While trying to explain the reality to Eph, we begin to get some flashbacks of Abraham’s first encounter with the vampires back in Nazi Germany.  Abraham also summed up where we are in he and Eph’s relationship by saying “you believe you are drafting me to your cause… but I am drafting you into mine”.  This episode also takes us back to the lawyer, who is still undergoing the change.

The Strain Episode 5: Lawyer

The Strain Episode 5 – Can you hear me now?

Apparently cellphones are working again as we touch in briefly with Fet and Nora.  Fet remarks that the only reason the rats would be leaving the sewers is because of a bigger predator.  Meanwhile, Nora is dealing with her mother who is a resident at a retirement community.  During another flashback, Abraham reveals that he first seen the Master back at the Nazi work camp and in present day he reveals that a silver mirror can detect an infected person via a vibrating reflection.  The next person on Abraham’s list was Ansel, and upon arriving we see that his wife could not cope and has hanged herself.

Eph and Abraham quickly dispatch Ansel and the annoying neighbor he was fed.  Gabe’s manager had apparently hired a “clean up” guy to make the incident with the doctor “disappear”, but he too falls victim to Gabriel.  Abraham’s flashbacks also reveal that he witnessed his friend/brother die at the hands of the Master.  A brief check on Stoneheart Group reveals that Eldritch Palmer is out of surgery, but would not survive another.  That’s really all we get of him.

The Strain Episode 5 Vasiliy Fet

Heading back to the cranky lawyer, the nanny sees the changes and freaks out and grabs the kids.  Before leaving, the lawyer stops them at the door before going on a run.  Fet goes into the sewers to investigate what’s going on with the rats.  He discovers the discharge all over the walls before finding a herd of vampires fully changed.  He runs out before being overrun and we witness  the affect sunlight has on them.  A rough burning sensation.  Nora gets a taste of the fight first hand as a vampire is on a feeding spree at her mother’s retirement community.  She very quickly decides to take her mother out of there.

Eph heads back to the CDC Canary Team to show video evidence to his boss of The Strain, but he is wanted in relation to the death of Cpt. Doyle.  Jim Kent manages to use his access badge to get Ephraim out of the building with him hounding him the whole way to help get the infected and related quarantined.  The Strain Episode 5 and 6 will be directed by a cult hero of geeks everywhere, Peter Weller.  Good direction goes hand in hand with good story.  The Strain has gobs of good story and most episodes have been very well directed, but tonight’s episode was exceptional.  Looking forward to next weeks show as the series just keeps getting better and better.

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