The Strain Episode 4 is burning down the house!

By | August 4, 2014

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In The Strain Episode 4 we pick up where we left off  just after Ephraim has bashed in Doyle’s head after he attacked the CDC team.  The team prep for a makeshift autopsy, but first we touch base with “survivor” Ansel.  He definitely understands that something bad is happening to him and sends his children away.  We also check back in with Stoneheart Group’s favorite driver, Gus (played by Miguel Gomez).  We spend a lot of time with Gus in this episode.

The Strain Episode 4: Gus

 The Strain Episode 4 Explains Vampire Anatomy with Great Detail.

Back at the autopsy, Eph explains that the infected lose their genitals because their systems have changed to excrete feces and urine through the same opening… like a bird.  He also discovered that behind the lashing stinger that comes out of the mouth is a giant, gruesome worm that lives in the host.  Most of this stuff we had pretty much figured out, but going forward there will be definite spoilers.

The Strain Episode 2 Spoilers

Gus got his hands a little dirty by stealing a car, so it looks like he’s not necessarily done with a life of crime.  I get the feeling we’re going to get Gus involved more actively starting very soon.  He did return Setrakian’s clock to him so at least there was some interaction there.  I was a little disappointed that we didn’t touch on Fet, but there was a lot going on with Eph.  Jim (Sean Astin) finally confessed to letting the box out of the airport, which was just another button getting pushed for Ephraim.  After so many things happening in a matter of so few hours, Eph was very agreeable to joining up with Abraham for the hunt.  Heck, I would have joined up with him after seeing how well he handles that silver sword cane.  Impressive.  But..  Nora not so much, hence the title of this week’s episode “It’s Not for Everyone”.  I might be getting a little ahead of myself.  Anyways, I think we’ll be seeing just who it is for in the next episode.

Ansel’s wife did return and find him very much not the same and he had even locked himself up in the shed..  His outward physical changes were a lot slower than his inner changes.  Also the creature was speaking through Ansel, something we haven’t seen yet.  In a surprise turn of events, Ansel’s wife actually feeds an angry neighbor to him to keep the police from getting involved.

The Strain Episode 4: Stoneheart Group

Stoneheart Group managed to get a hacker involved that brought the Internet in New York to unusable speeds.

The episode ends with Abraham being a total bad ass and saving Ephraim and Nora from a monstrous Emma and her newly infected Dad.  Ephraim is totally on board with Abraham’s plan, and so we actually get to see what we can expect going forward.  Very exciting.

Next Episode: Runaways

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