The Strain Episode 3 Knocks us out! Again and again!

By | July 27, 2014
The Strain Episode 3

Jim Kent meets Thomas Eichorst

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“Gone Smooth” – The Strain Episode 3

This weekend found me moving into a new house, and luckily I had time to stop and watch The Strain Episode 3.  Let me just get this out of the way real quick…

The Strain Episode 2 SpoilersSo, the title caught me off guard, and even as the show started I was a little puzzled by it.  By the way, the introductory scene this week was Thomas Eichorst putting on all his facial prosthetics and makeup.  Not a scene from the book series, but awesome all the same.  You get to see that underneath all that makeup and stuff, that he’s a pretty grotesque looking vampire.  I’ll come back to the show’s title.

As I predicted last week, we got to see a lot more of Vasiliy Fet, played by Kevin Durand.  We even get to see the scene with all the rats of New York going crazy.  I had hoped there would be some crossover between Fet and our main characters.  There was not.  Looks like that may not happen until episode 5.

Even though there wasn’t a lot of advancement with Setrakian, my favorite character, I thoroughly enjoyed the show.  In the first picture up there, you see that Kent meets with Eichorst at the Stoneheart Group and gets himself in a lot deeper than he already was.  Now we know why he is in with Stoneheart though, which sort of gives Kent an underdog quality that we all know Sean Astin can play perfectly.  His wife has a rare form of cancer and he’s doing everything he can for money and favors to get her experimental treatment.  You might feel terrible, like me, for thinking he was playing a simple double-crossing villain.  When in fact, it’s so much more complicated than that.

The Strain Episode 3 – “Gone Smooth”

The Strain Episode 3 - Gone Smooth

By staying with our favorite rock star, Gabe Bolivar, we discover two things about this episode.  The first involves all the physical changes everyone seems to be going through, and the second is the title of the show.  We seen hair loss last week, and with this week’s intro scene we find out that there might be a lot more to lose.  It almost seems fitting that they use Gabe to show us certain parts of the transformation.  Gabe’s genitals just fall off after a day of pain and leave him with nothing, like a Ken doll.

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