The Strain Episode 2 Bites deep into the shows premise

By | July 20, 2014
The Strain Episode 2

Abraham comes face to face with his Nazi captor from the Stoneheart Group

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The Strain Episode 2 – We’ve met the characters and now they get to develop.

Tonight seen the second episode of FX’s new Horror Drama, The Strain, hit the small screen.  After the premiere episode did such a good job introducing us to genuinely interesting characters, the second episode really starts to develop them.  We were introduced last week to a revolving cast of main characters: Ephraim, Abraham, and Eldritch Palmer.  This week expanded upon the problems that Ephraim has been going through in his personal life via some exposition during an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.  Abraham also comes face to face with the Nazi that gave him his number, a Vampire working with Palmer and The Stoneheart Group.  Palmer got a little closer to his goal tonight, which is of course immortality.

The Strain Episode 2 Spoilers

I hope you’ve seen the first episode by now.  The entire premise of the show is Eldritch Palmer’s quest for immortality.  He orchestrates the delivery of The Master, an ancient vampire, to New York City to be given eternal life as a vampire.  Also, he seems to want to spread vampirism and chaos through the city, but the reasons aren’t immediately clear.  I had a feeling that this probably isn’t going to end well for Eldritch, and quietly voiced my concern.  A knowing nod from my Mom (who has read the book series) was all the confirmation I needed.  Palmer’s part of the story was left hanging after The Master reveals his face to him, although in good story telling we the audience did not see The Master’s face.  Also, the “survivors” and victims from the plane are beginning to feed so next week may be an even more gruesome episode.

The Strain Episode 2 introduces the next main character.

Tonight’s episode also seen the introduction of the next main character: Vasiliy Fet.  Fet is an exterminator working for the city in official capacity and, if the tv series continues to follow the books, should prove to become an important member of the team that should start forming in the next episode.  The third episode will premiere at San Diego Comic Con and we’ll try our best to give updates on this and much more through our Facebook and Twitter.

Next Episode: Gone Smooth

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