The Strain Episode 12 Leaves everything it loves behind.

By | September 28, 2014

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I’m not offering a blow by blow synopsis of this week’s episode.  Not after the epic, but exhausting, weekend at Wizard World Nashville.  So, tonight’s episode was very good in my opinion.  I find it to be no coincidence that it was directed by Peter Weller.  His direction seems to really chive with the shows environment and characters.  Weller directed two other episodes this season, you can read about them here and here.  It seems that The Strain Episode 12, “Last Rites”, would be the first television episode to venture the furthest from the source material:

The hacker returned and she isn’t a character from the book series at all, but she’s very interesting.  For those romance junkies out there, it’s worth mentioning that we learn a little of her past as the chemistry between her and Fet really start to heat up.  Another large departure, is the reappearance of the other Ancient Vampire: Quinlan.  This character should not have come back into play so soon, but the way he did was pretty awesome.  I’m not sure whisking Gus away was awesome, but there’s only one more episode left and they definitely want to pull everyone in since FX has ordered another season.

The Strain Episode 12: Quinlin

One of the things I have loved about this show is the use of flash backs to tell Setrakian’s story.  Tonight was no exception.  Ole Abraham was remembering his last encounter with Eichorst and The Master in 1967 Albania.  It comes as no surprise that we also get to put a name to the infected heart he keeps.  It belonged to his wife Miriam who was attacked and turned by Eichorst after Abraham had fallen for a trap.  At this point in his life he had been hunting the vampires for many years.  Next season should leave us with a great landscape for more flash backs bridging the gap between Germany and Albania.  The Stoneheart Group’s eccentric CEO finally got his visit from The Master, but it was not a full conversion.  The preview for next week reveals as much.

Next Episode: The Master

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