The Strain Episode 10 is not going to stop looking.

By | September 14, 2014

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The Strain Episode 10, Loved Ones, takes us on Ephraim’s journey to find his ex-wife Kelly.  The story is told through a mix of flashbacks and present time, which definitely keeps your attention and interest.  There’s also a deepening relationship between Vasiliy and the hacker as they overcome an obstacle.  This was one of my favorite episodes due to the unconventional story telling.  What follows is a recap, spoilers abound.

An unlikely Apple commercial – The Strain Episode 10: Loved Ones

Tonight’s episode opens with Zach going through Setrakian’s pawn shop and pulling out a laptop, a MacBook, to track Kelly’s iPhone using “Find My iPhone”.  Pretty obvious Apple commercial, but at the same time, Apple does control a significant portion of the market now.  During a TV program watched by Nora and her mother, we find out that there is a massive financial crisis happening due to the events of the outbreak.  Fet suggests a battle strategy using a back door, based on his extermination experience with rats.

Ephraim goes out to find Kelly among the looters and discovers the phone with a woman that he helps bandage up.  She takes Eph to Kelly’s car, but Kelly isn’t in sight.  He does discover some bloody clothes before we flash back to 32 hours previous at Kelly’s home.  Vampire Matt has returned home while she is asleep in bed.  He doesn’t seem to have fully converted though and locks himself in the bathroom.  Meanwhile at school, Kelly realizes that Eph’s warning was true.  Her school was dismissed early and she returns home.  Matt is now fully turned and attacks her, but she fights back very well.  Unfortunately, during the fight one of the worms gets on Kelly’s face and enters through her left tear duct.  Explains the promo poster somewhat:

The Strain Episode 10

Outside in her car, Kelly’s eye begin to change like we had seen with the plane survivors.  Later, after sleeping and waking in her car, she seems to be going through other changes.  She leaves her car, dropping her phone.  Which is where Eph had found it.  She goes into Zach’s school and approaches one of the administrators.  She learns that Dianne has picked up Zach and leaves the school.  Outside, she sees a Vampire, but it acknowledges her and moves on.  She walks after it to see it feeding and has a very confused look on her face.

Stoneheart Group – The Strain Episode 10: Loved Ones

Back to the now, Fet and the hacker are on the road discussing themselves.  Vasiliy charms the front desk into letting them into the Stoneheart Group building.  Security meets them and escorts them to Eldritch’s right hand man.  He has them searched and then escorts the hacker into Palmer’s room.  Eph goes back to Kelly’s house and we flash back to 17 hours previous.  Kelly shows up to Dianne’s house.  Dianne tells Kelly that Zach is with Ephraim just before Dianne’s son comes downstairs to be attacked by Kelly.  She next turns on Dianne and quickly kills her.

Back to our beloved hacker, she confronts Mr. Palmer.  After some banter, Eldritch poetically explains why he chose to help the vampires.  The hacker strikes him hard and is taken away.  We flash back again to kelly, 15 hours previous now, as she is prowling the New York streets.  The Master speaks to her mind and calls her to him.  She descends into the subway tunnels and sewers where she meets her new Master.

The Strain Episode 10 - Vampire Kelly meets The Master

Back to Fet and the hacker, Mr. Fitzwilliams lets them go and we learn that the elite security force at Stoneheart Group are in fact loyal to him and not Palmer.  Fitzwilliams does not agree with the deal Eldritch made with the vampires.  Ephraim’s journey leads him to Dianne’s home, of course now we know this is 17 hours after Kelly has infected Dianne and her son.  He goes down to their basement to look around and finds them fully turned.  He is forced to shoot them both.  After discovering a locket, Eph is pretty sure Kelly is gone.  Returning to the pawn shop, he comes in about the same time as Fet and the hacker.  After a squabble, the hacker leaves despite Fet’s attempts to prevent her.  Eph sits Zach down and tells him that he’s not giving up.

Zach gets his own flashback moment as he’s going through his mom’s phone.  He plays a video she had taken during his birthday, and we go back to that moment for a minute.  This closes out tonight’s episode, which definitely leaves you with some melancholy.  The preview for next week shows us the team finding the underground nest of a lot of vampires.

Next Episode: The Third Rail

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