The Flash Fastest Man Alive

By | October 14, 2014

In tonight’s episode of The Flash Fastest Man Alive, Barry works through some issues, both emotional and physical.  There will spoilers throughout this article for The Flash and possibly Arrow.  Please be advised.  I’m really enjoying Geoff Johns‘ involvement with the show so far.  It’s good to have a big name from DC actively working on one of their most important characters most promising TV debuts ever.  The episode of tonight’s episode, being a great throwback to The Flash’s moniker: The Fastest Man Alive!

The Flash Fastest Man Alive

The Flash Fastest Man Alive versus Multiplex

The picture above is the outcome of Barry’s first encounter with this week’s villain, Danton Black.  Cisco dubbed our villain Multiplex, which seems to fit in with some comic stories.  Which makes me think that despite watching Black fall to this death, he may not be gone forever.  He’s a notable nemesis to Firestorm, who will be played by Robbie Amell.  If you haven’t sorted that out yet, Caitlin’s fiancé that ‘died’ in the S.T.A.R. labs explosion is the Ronnie Raymond from the comics that fuses with Dr. Stein to become Firestorm.  So there’s a good spoiler for you, Caitlin’s guy is not gone.  Okay, back to Multiplex.  He’s also notoriously served some time on the Suicide Squad, so it’s not impossible for him to show up in Arrow next season.  Or maybe Suicide Squad shows up in The Flash next season?  The lines begin to blur with these two shows.  I love it!

Barry and Joe go through some serious issues tonight.  Some of the story is told through flashbacks to show us post-murder what it was like for Barry.  It wasn’t easy.  It also wasn’t easy for his dad locked away in Iron Heights.  Dr. Wells reaches out to Joe so that he can convince him to help encourage Barry.  It seems that all Barry needed was some encouragement from the people around him.  I’m still waiting for something to happen between Barry and Iris, but there is the Felicity situation… and… the Professor Zoom situation…

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I don’t want to get too ahead of myself, since this is going to be such an action packed season.  Without even mentioning the Arrow crossovers.  Goodness.  Speaking of Arrow, be looking for a review tomorrow night of the latest episode of Arrow!  I’ll probably be doing a few live tweets while I watch.  It’ll be on the official Anonymousgeek Twitter: @anonymousgeek5

So, tonight’s episode ended with Dr. Wells going to the clearly crooked Simon Stagg.  Stagg confesses straight away that he’d like to get his hands on The Flash which causes Wells to rise from his wheelchair and stab Stagg in the chest.  Wells is definitely looking out for Barry, but the methods do seem questionable.  Anyone care to speculate?

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