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The Strain Finale reveals a few things about The Master

Sunday night marked the close of The Strain’s first television season, and I was there (tweeting the whole time).  The Strain finale answered a lot of things about the character it was titled after: The Master. Read about Episode 12: Last Rites The Strain finale opens up with newly rejuvenated Eldritch Palmer having a falling… Read More »

The Strain Episode 12 Leaves everything it loves behind.

Read about Episode 11: The Third Rail I’m not offering a blow by blow synopsis of this week’s episode.  Not after the epic, but exhausting, weekend at Wizard World Nashville.  So, tonight’s episode was very good in my opinion.  I find it to be no coincidence that it was directed by Peter Weller.  His direction seems… Read More »

The Strain Episode 11 WILL hunt you down!

Read about Episode 10: Loved Ones Tonight’s episode was really fast paced and brought things a lot further along than the last couple episodes did.  It was all in all a very good episode.  Not everyone enjoyed last weeks episode, but I did.  I liked the story telling style, but this weeks was much more straightforward… Read More »

The Strain Episode 10 is not going to stop looking.

Read about Episode 9: The Disappeared The Strain Episode 10, Loved Ones, takes us on Ephraim’s journey to find his ex-wife Kelly.  The story is told through a mix of flashbacks and present time, which definitely keeps your attention and interest.  There’s also a deepening relationship between Vasiliy and the hacker as they overcome an… Read More »

The Strain Episode 9 Receives its final reward

Read about Episode 8: Creatures of the Night My DVR failed to record and I had to catch a later showing, which resulting in catching bits and pieces throughout the night.  There were a lot of things I really enjoyed about this episode.  Most of all, I liked Setrakian’s interactions with Ephraim’s son Zach.  The… Read More »

The Strain Episode 8 Leaves Fire In Its Wake!

 Read about Episode 7: For Services Rendered The previews for The Strain Episode 8 revealed that Eph and crew would soon meet Vasiliy Fet, and we were all taking bets as to how soon in the episode that scene would happen.  I was pretty surprised that it followed the opening scene.  Ephraim comes up with the idea… Read More »

The Strain Episode 6 has a new plan!

Read about Episode 5: Runaways Occultation opened with this very sci-fi scene of New York from space and followed a telecom satellite slowly passing over while we were fed all the goings on.  Everyone seems to be talking about the upcoming eclipse.  Like last week’s episode, The Strain episode 6 “Occultation” was directed by Peter… Read More »

The Strain Episode 4 is burning down the house!

Read about Episode 3: Gone Smooth In The Strain Episode 4 we pick up where we left off  just after Ephraim has bashed in Doyle’s head after he attacked the CDC team.  The team prep for a makeshift autopsy, but first we touch base with “survivor” Ansel.  He definitely understands that something bad is happening to… Read More »