Supernatural “The Things They Carried”

By | April 3, 2015

Since starting this review these types of episodes have been the hardest for me to write. It isn’t because they are all emotional it because not a lot happens. Yes you have monsters and you have someone dyeing (hopefully the bad guy) but there isn’t a lot of action to speak about. There is more dialogue to these types of episodes and that isn’t a bad thing. I just find it hard to write about without giving away the whole episode, and what fun would reading a review that just tells you what happens be? I am gonna try my best…..

We meet the boys with Sam still looking at how to get rid of the mark from Dean. Why won’t he give it up already? We all know there is no “cure” and that Dean will just have to live with it. Of course they catch wind of a very odd death and decide that it is just their cup of tea and take off to investigate.

What they find is 2 dead bodies in what appears to be a murder/suicide and let me say that this episode deals with things that are hard on some people. It brings up suicide and how it affects our military mostly and that can be difficult to deal with. With that being said let’s get back to the make-believe monsters and we will come back to the real ones later.
They end up finding a suspect and an old friend in this town. The old friend that would be Cole (You remember him, he was that guy that went after Dean because he killed his Daddy.) You know the war hero. Well the suspect just so happens to be a friend of Cole’s.

The Things They Carried

The boys end up dealing with a very thirsty bug. They of course split up Sam to go be with the suspect and Dean to hang out with Cole. Cole and Dean end up making a cabin in the woods into their own little heart to heart sweat lodge. You have to watch the episode just for the touchy feeling stuff that goes on between Dean and Cole. Maybe someone forgiving Dean will help him heal from the mark? We can only hope.

When it comes down to it though someone has to die. That is how it has to be. It is sad but the truth of Supernatural and thankfully when the boys die it isn’t for long. The body count isn’t to high in this one though. Does that mean the writers are getting soft? I don’t think so, I just think that they introduced some very heavy information at the beginning and didn’t wanna over shadow that. I salute the writers of this episode for showing the people of Supernatural what some military members and their families have to deal with on a daily basis. With that being said I leave you with this……. If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide please call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1 (800) 273-8255

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