Supernatural “There’s No Place Like Home”

By | February 1, 2015

Lions, Tigers and…….. CHARLIE! The last time we seen Charlie she was headed to Oz (yes that Oz) with Dorothy. What is she doing back? Well we will find out.
Dean has decided the way to beat the evil within him is get all health guru. He even makes Sam and himself egg white omelets, which of course Dean hates. They are still looking for leads on how to remove the mark, I hate to admit it but I think he is stuck it for right now and the future. While doing research Sam comes across Charlie torturing people. Sweet little Charlie, it was hard to believe.

There's No Place Like Home - Felicia Day

We find out that Charlie is going after the person that was drunk one night and killed her parents in a car accident. You can understand why she wants revenge but enough to torture people to find the man who did it? She escapes from the boys by slashing the tires on baby. I thought Dean was gonna cry, but while they look on Charlie pulls up. Wait she just left? something happened in Oz and it split Charlie in two. One that is Evil and one that is good.

They think it is a good idea for Dean to follow Evil Charlie and for Good Charlie and Sam to go back to the bunker and find a way to make them whole again. Sending Dean to watch over someone who wants blood is like taking an alcoholic and setting them in a bar. I don’t see how this was such a good idea.

Evil Charlie ends up finding the guy who killed her parents and of course kills him. Sam and the Good Charlie find out how to bring them back together and one of the things they have to do is kill the wizard. This episode was good but kinda predictable. It was a nice little break from all of the end of days stuff they talk about in every other episode I only wish it would have had more OZ stuff going on in it. Give me a flying monkey and a green witch. At least a lollipop kid or a munchkin, but alas they didn’t. I do wonder if we will see OZ again in the future though, and if not Oz maybe some other fairy tale land. I am sure there is a wardrobe in the bunker somewhere. I guess we will just have to wait and see and until then, in the words of Charlie…..”arrivederci bitches” (I love Charlie’s spunk)!

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