Supernatural “The Things We Left Behind”

By | December 10, 2014

*Warning Spoilers*

Do you have a dysfunctional family? Well so do I, but my family and your family is nothing like the 2 families in this episode. We didn’t see too much of Sam and Dean in this one, but it was still full of what the heck moments. Don’t say you don’t wanna watch it now, because the boys are present and you do find out a couple of things about them. The most interesting is that no matter how hard their life was growing up and how much they hated it they still loved their Dad no matter what, and isn’t that what every Dad wants to hear?

Supernatural - The Things We Left Behind

Let’s start off with Castiel. I know what you’re thinking. Your thinking I said this was about family and Castiel’s family is God and a bunch of angels that nine times out of ten end up being major jerks. Well, your wrong. Remember a man named Jimmy Novak? No? Well he is Castiel’s vessel or was. He is actually dead now torn apart by one of those lovely angels you see all the time, and then Castiel was put back together with his body. I know I know, that is the craziest thing I have heard too. Why not just make him go find another vessel, well these are angels and they don’t have to make sense. Any-who, Jimmy had a family that was left behind when he accepted Castiel. He had a daughter, named Claire, and she hasn’t exactly been on the up and up since her Dad disappeared. Castiel is having what can only be called a mid-life crisis and decides he wants to know what is going on with her and finds out she is in a group home. He ends up busting her out of there and she takes off.

While Castiel is off looking for Claire, let’s talk about the other family, Crowley’s family. As you know from last week, we met his mother. A witch that was kicked out of her coven. Crowley feels no love for his mother but then again when your Mom gives you a name like Fergus, how much love can you feel? He doesn’t seem to like it much either. He seems to be mostly mad about the fact that his mother left him and that he doesn’t know who his father is. She tells him he was conceived during a winter solstice orgy and that she wasn’t taking names. Honestly, did you expect anything different? I honestly thought his mother was gonna be a two-bit hooker that left him on the street corner to be raised by wolves.
Things come to pass where you find out that the man Claire looks up to is in for some money with a loan shark and the loan shark is willing to make a deal. He will forget the debt if he gives him Claire. Right about that time is when Cass comes in and saves the day with the boys. They get Claire out but not before one of the goons hits Dean over the head with a bottle. Bad idea. That is all Dean needed to let the mark of Cain take over again and he kills everyone in the room. What does that mean? Is Dean gonna be a demon again? We will just have to wait and see next time……

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