Supernatural “The Prisoner”

By | July 22, 2015

If you remember from before, Sam has Charlie and Rowena working together to decode the book of the damned. Charlie needs a break and goes back to her motel room where one of the Styne brothers catches up to her and kills her. So that means that Charlie is now dead, but Sam is still working with Rowena and has even told her that he will kill Crowley when she delivers on her part of the deal.

Supernatural "The Prisoner"

It is now time for Charlie’s funeral. The boys seem to be taking it pretty hard, but they give her a good old fashion Viking funeral. Of course they do that because they have to burn the bones so she doesn’t come back as something else. Sam feels so bad about getting her killed, and Dean is so angry at him.

Dean has vowed vengeance and will go after whoever it was that killed Charlie. This could be very bad for him because of the mark. Will he go all demon Dean again?

It seems like there is a Styne that doesn’t want to do the dirty work that they have become famous for. He doesn’t want to cut into a bully of his so that his family has spare parts. Do you really blame him? Could you carve into your bully so that cousin Billy has a spare arm when he messes up big time? I am all about sharing but this is a bit much.

Charlie did one last thing before she was killed, she cracked the code in the book of the damned. Sam goes against his word and does not stop looking for a cure. Rowena will not cast the spell until Sam kills Crowley.  This is not going to end well for someone…

Sam tricks Crowley into meeting him and then shoots him in the back with a devil’s trap bullet. That is bad form. Who shoots a man (well, sort of man) in the back when he is not looking? I wouldn’t have thought a Winchester would, but Sam did just that.  Crowley is down! Is he really dead? I sure hope not because it won’t be the same without the Crowley/Winchester banter. The good news is it doesn’t look like Sam is the one that brings him down, it looks like it is his own mother.

While all this is going on Dean has been picked up by the cops in the town that the Stynes pretty much own. We all know that caging Dean up is a bad idea, because he will fight his way out. He fights his way out of the police station and finds his way to the house that Styne built and they ambush him. When will the bad guys learn that he will get out and he will kill them all in the mean time? I am guessing not any time soon.

Crowley lets us all know that he has been trying to make hell a better place.  That he has been trying to be the good guy. Sam is not listening to him. Crowley spares Sam life, but only because he wants to deliver a message to Rowena. We got a glimpse of just how powerful he really is, after all he is the king of hell.

Supernatural "The Prisoner"

The Styne’s have found the men of letters hideout, I don’t know what good it is going to do because Dean is seriously going to kill every last one of them.

Wow! What is the mark doing to Dean? Who will he go after next? He got his vengeance. Is it enough or will the mark demand more blood? One more episode in the season left and I sure do hope that it gives us the answers that we need.

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