Supernatural SAFE HOUSE

By | April 9, 2016

Spoilers- Soul Eaters, yes they are exactly what they sound like. That is what the Dean and Sam face this week. What is different about it all?

The difference is that they have to go to a house that Bobby and Rufus had to go to a while ago. They took a break from hunting the darkness to take a pretty easy case that was supposed to be getting in and get out. Oh they were wrong.

Supernatural Safe House

Rufus and Bobby cannot agree on what they are hunting, Sam and Dean easily agree that they are hunting a soul eater and that they should find a permanent solution to the problem.

It was really nice to see Bobby again and to see him working a case made me miss him even more. He really was the glue that held everything together. You never get as happy as you do when you hear the word Idjit from Bobby’s mouth, it was like an old blanket and made you feel warm and comfortable.

I have a feeling that Bobby started getting cranky about the time that boys started hunting full-time. Rufus was probably born cranky though.

This episode was so great because you got to see some of your old favorites. We all have missed Bobby so much and the end of this episode was especially heart breaking because while Dean was in the nest he seen Bobby. I am sure that brought him some comfort or at least I hope it did.

Supernatural Safe House

A friend of mine made the suggestion of having a spin-off with Bobby and Rufus. How awesome would that be? Seeing how the old timers did things before the boys came around. I would totally watch it every time it came on. It would quickly become everyone’s favorite.

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