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Werewolves, that is what the boys are hunting. I am not liking the way that this is set up, only because it starts at one point and then flashbacks to 48 hours before. I am not a huge fan of shows doing that, only because I multitask when I am watching television and it makes it harder to follow when they flashback.

One of the “victims” of the werewolf attack pretty much kills Sam. We all know how Dean will react to this news when he comes back to save these ungrateful butt wipes.

Dean decides the only way to save Sam is to die. That means will we probably see Billy and we all know what he thoughts on the boys coming back to life is. I have no idea what her problem is because honestly if she played her cards right she could probably have a little fun with one of the boys. Instead she is solely focused on her job and how boring is that. If I was a reaper I would have so much fun with it, especially with the boys.

Sam wakes up! That means Dean is going to kill himself and Sam will be alive! That could mean that Billy could keep Dean. Thankfully Dean doesn’t die, but he needs to hurry so he can go save Sam! Speaking of hurrying that brings up a good point. Dean overdosed so he could get Billy to hand over Sam, wouldn’t the doctor put him in a padded room for trying to commit suicide? I know in the real world they would.

In the meantime, one of those victims that Dean saved has officially turned. This will not end well. Of course everything ends the way you expect it to. Sam is the hero of the day and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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