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By | April 7, 2016

Sherriff Donna is back and she is having something weird going on in her town, like killer rabbit weird. I know every week is weird stuff going on when it comes to the boys, but for the Sherriff weird stuff doesn’t happen much.

Sam has been doing something weird as well.  What in the world could one of the boys do that isn’t considered weird anyway? Dean has caught Sam praying. PRAYING! When was the last time that one of their prayers answered? I cannot remember when that was. Anyway back to the weird stuff in Sherriff Donna’s town.

We have seen cursed items before, we have even seen suicidal alcoholic teddy bears (okay he was seriously my favorite), but this is the first time that we have seen a killer “Easter” bunny.  No matter what anyone does the head will not come off the person that is wearing it either.

Supernatural Plush

What could that mean? It means there is a ghost possessing people around town.  Have you noticed that there have been a lot of ghosts lately? It seems like the last couple of episodes have been about ghosts.  Not that I am complaining I kind of like it. The ghost episodes have a lot of humor and surprises in them and that is what we have come to love from Supernatural. The fact that there are twist and turns at every corner.

The ghost has possessed more than just one mask in town and one of them is Sam’s favorite. A clown! He has a real fear of them. Of all the things that the boys have seen Sam is scared of clowns! I find that hilarious.

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This episode is funny yet talks about some serious subjects and I would not suggest this episode for children. It could be a bit much for them and they do talk about some adult subject matter, more so then some of the other episodes that we have seen in the past.

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