Supernatural “Paper Moon”

By | October 29, 2014


We meet the Winchester boys this week relaxing in Washington.They are talking about how it is nice to take some “we” time. You then notice that Sam is still in a sling despite the fact that after all of his injures this is probably the most minor, which Dean can not help but point out. Dean also points out he thinks Sam is guilty about Lester, the guy he tricked into selling his soul. He probably is because poor Sam seems to harbor guilt. It doesn’t take long for Dean to ask if Sam has seen a potential job in the paper that morning, and so it begins.

Werewolves is what we find out the boys will be hunting. They get pointed in the direction of a unrealiable witness and find out about a farm where the witness believes a ghost is living. While investigating, they run into a young girl. A young girl we all know, a werewolf from their past that they let go. She tells the boys that it is not her that is doing all of the killings, it is her sister and she will help her because she has found her own ways of dealing with the curse, including yoga. YOGA! Who knew that yoga was a cure for being a monster? It does beg the question: can a monster not be a monster? This young lady is made to make us think that a “monster” could be as normal as you or I.

She then tells them about how she turned her sister to save her life. Sound familiar? It should, the boys do this with one another ALL the time. They chase the “monster” sister and in doing so you end up missing Crowley for a minute because poor Sam doesn’t get called Moose but instead gets called Paul Bunyan. When will he catch a break with the name calling? The boys end up killing two lackey werewolves and while they are doing that the “not a monster” sister kills the monster sister and takes off and that is the end of the werewolf story.

Supernatural Paper Moon

Sam and Dean are now in the car driving to what can be assumed is either another job or another relaxation spot. Dean starts talking about how maybe he hadn’t been ready to do this job after just being psycho-killing-Dean. REALLY? You have literally been to hell and back and you going all “Here’s Johnny” is your breaking point? Put your big boy pants on Dean and carry on my wayward son. He then says that he was just trying to do the right thing because he is tired of doing the wrong. HELLO! There is no manual for this and everything you have done you thought was the right thing at the moment!

This episode was pretty boring compared to some of the others that we have seen in the past. The good news is that they are coming back in 2 weeks and not only is it the 200th episode but there will be singing! I am super excited about it and can not wait. I only hope they are bringing Crowley and Cass into that episode.

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