Supernatural “Paint it Black”

By | April 8, 2015

Ever wonder what nuns did before they became a nun? I had never really given it any thought before tonight. I guess I thought they came out of the womb wearing little habits. We find out in this episode that that is far from the truth. They were normal people, they had love lives! Sometimes those love lives didn’t end very well either.

Crowley, Crowley, Crowley! If I was stranded on a desert island I would want Crowley there to keep me entertained. His quick is something of legends and his mom Rowena is just a peach. She really knows how to annoy someone to get what she wants.

This episode had me questioning a couple of things that I thought were truths. I would think that a catholic church would have precautions against things like demons and vengeful spirits. It just seems like a priest would want to make sure that his parishioners are protected even if that threat is of the supernatural kind.

Supernatural - Paint it Black

Speaking of nuns and churches, I really do think this is the first episode that takes place in a Catholic church. How in the world did Supernatural go so many seasons without being in a Catholic church? I know I am probably wrong but right off-hand I can not think of one.

I guess by now you have figured out who the vengeful spirit was and if not stop reading right now and go watch because there are some spoilers coming your way. The spirit is a nun from the 1520s and, why is she so mad? She is mad because she was friend-zoned. WHAT? I mean sure I have met a couple of guys that I was upset with because they didn’t move me out of the “one of the guys” category, but never enough to go psycho crazy on a dude.

Rowena on the other hand is having so much while she is down in hell with her lovely son Crowley. Have I mentioned that I love Crowley? She has FINALLY met with the witch coven leader and she is just having so much fun with her. No they are not drinking tea and gossiping about the queen. More like one is chained to a chair and the other is getting in a couple of hits in.

After everything is said and done Sam and Dean save the day and head on home, to find out more about that blasted mark. I am so over that mark. I really am. The story of it just seemed to get old with Cain gone. Oh well there is good news though….. it looks like Bobby may be back (at least for one episode). Sorry that was me squealing like a little school girl. I am so excited. See you then.


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