SUPERNATURAL “Our Little World”

By | April 6, 2016

Castiel has been stuck in the bunker for a very long time and it is showing. A lot of weird stuff goes down in Fall Rivers, Massachusetts. It seems like every other episode that is where the boys end up. Back to Cas though, could he be the first angel with P.T.S.D.? He seems to be having a lot of the symptoms. Amara is growing up fast. Kids always grow up fast but this is eating one meal and gaining 4 years fast.

Supernatural Our Little World

The boys finally have it figured out that Crowley has Amara. It took them long enough! That would have been my first guess. Wow that wallpaper looks just like the switching channels episode with the Trickster. What is that sixties floral puke? I wouldn’t have put that up in my hotel if you gave me a million dollars for each flower.

Wait, Crowley doesn’t stay in hell? Isn’t that where the king of hell should be? That has to make it hard to rule it. How do you find a property that looks like hell? Yes, I would like medieval castle looking place that would be good for torturing souls and a base of command for hell. Looks like I have a lot to learn before I take over.

Can you kill the darkness? It seems like now would be a great time to have a light weapon. That is how I defeat the darkness in my house, I just turn on a light I doubt it would be that easy in their world though. We also found out that Crowley and his minions are living in an abandoned asylum. That seems more then fitting for him and his demons.

Metatron and Castiel having a showdown like they are in the O.K. Corral and somehow it is satisfying. I am not a huge fan of Metatron so would love to see Castiel whoop his butt.  It would be an epic battle, the fog would roll in and then there would lots of blood, lightening, smoke, and angel swords and when the dust settled you would have Castiel just looking down on the carnage in disgust.

Supernatural Our Little World

This is a great episode to see where things are with Amara, of course you end up with more questions than answers. It seems like that is how we are ending at the end of a lot of episodes. Of course this one gives you a HUGE answer that I will not reveal in this article. You will have to watch and see what it is.

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