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Imaginary friends are common in adolescence; you may have had  one as a child yourself. My child was one of those that had one.

Zanna are a type of magical creature that guides and guardian angels to children in need they come under the guise of imaginary friends.

When Sam was little he was one of those children that needed a little bit of guidance. He had an imaginary friend named Sully. Sully would talk to him about everything and anything that he needed to talk about.

Supernatural Just My Imagination

Dean has a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that imaginary friends are real. He can’t believe that they can have boyfriends as well.

The boys cannot use the usual disguise of FBI agents to get into a house so instead they have to say they are psychologist, and even wear the Mr. Roger’s sweater.

Supernatural Just My Imagination

Sam even lets it be known that he has been having visions of him and Lucifer in the cage again and he is taking that as a sign that he is supposed to get back in the cage. Of course Dean this this is stupid and that he shouldn’t get anywhere near the cage. I am inclined to agree with him.

This episode was great because it talked about something that we haven’t seen before. It gave parents a way to understand the reason why their children may have something that they do not understand. It is always nice to think that someone is watching over our children and if that takes an imaginary friend then that is what it takes. Being a parent myself it does make me see what my son was going through a little bit.

He needed someone to talk to about the problems that he was having and that he didn’t think I would understand. It was a way of him working out his own problems in his own way. I have a whole new respect for imaginary friends after this episode and just maybe there is a little bit of magic watching over our children.

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