Supernatural “Inside Man”

By | April 15, 2015

We are still on the mark of Cain and how to get rid of it. I really wish we could get back to the simpler times when it was a different monster every episode instead of using the same story line every week. Don’t get me wrong I still love the boys and will continue to watch no matter what but I would really like to be done with this mark.

To get rid of the mark Sam decides that he needs to speak to Metatron but the only way they can do that is by breaking him out of angel prison. Well, neither Sam or Castiel can go to heaven so how are they gonna do that? If only they knew someone already in heaven, someone who we all miss and love and want nothing more than to see him back on the show. You got that right they contact BOBBY!!!

Supernatural - Inside Man

I don’t know about you but I was so happy to see Bobby and when he called Sam and Cass an “idjit” a tear ran down my cheek. The plan is for Bobby to bring Metatron back to earth so that Sam can get the information that he needs out of him.

Meanwhile at the other end, you know Hell. Crowly is dealing with a witch of his own: his mother. All of us get a little annoyed at our mothers from time to time but if I had a mother like Rowena I would probably be just like Crowley.

She does give us a very piece of information before Crowley sends her packing. She tells us that the mark is a curse, an old one but a curse none the less. Do you know what that means? Curses can be broken.

A lot of things happened in this episode. We really didn’t get any answers but we did get further to the truth. We seen an old friend and shed a few tears especially at the end when Sam reads a letter that Bobby wrote him.

When will Sam and Dean learn that they are stronger together than they will ever be apart? I would like to see the two of them kicking butt together again. Maybe they can still call on Bobby when they need a little extra help? Could you imagine Bobby living in the “Men of Letters Cave”? It would be like moving back in with your demon hunting Dad.

We have to say goodbye to Bobby for now, but we will miss him like we always do. The good thing about Supernatural though, is no one ever stays dead for good. I have a feeling we will see Bobby again. Until then we have our memories.

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