Supernatural Hibbing 911

By | December 5, 2014

*Warning Spoilers*

This episode was fun. It had our 2 favorite lady sheriffs in it so that always makes it interesting, you know when non-hunters pick up a blade and go after the big bad monsters. We meet our two favorite sheriffs at a sheriff’s retreat. Who knew sheriff’s had retreats? I completely understand the need for them but do they actually have them? It is like marriage counseling? Could you imagine a bunch of police sitting around a campfire singing Kumbuya because that is what I picture. You may remember these two ladies as sheriff Jodi Mills and super cheery (I mean like sickening cheery) sheriff that had her fat sucked out a few episodes back.

Supernatural - Hibbing 911

While those two get to know each other a little better. the boys are at home. That sounds funny considering for 8 seasons they have lived out of a suitcase, looking for something if anything that can tell them a little bit more about the mark of Cain. (You know that mark that made Dean into a murdering “Here’s Johnny” psycho). When a body turns up half eaten, Dean can’t just sit back and research anymore he has to follow the trail of blood to the body and essentially to the sheriffs.

The ladies end up getting partnered up with one another. What are the odds that the only two people at the retreat that know Sam and Dean would work together? Even though sheriff cheery doesn’t know about any of the monster stuff, sheriff Mills does some things that sheriff Cheery does not agree with and decides to take a break. While on this break she comes across a body of a fellow police officer, who is standing over the corpse but another one of the sheriffs with what looks to be sharks teeth in his mouth. She immediately goes back inside and tells sheriff Mills what she has seen. Sheriff Mills already knows what to do and calls the boys and lets them know they are dealing with a vampire. Sheriff Mills has dealt with so many vampires lately I think she needs to change her name to Buffy.

All 4 of them, both lady sheriff and the boys, track the vampire down to a farm on the outskirts of town. How cliché’ is that? It seems like every vampire in the history of mankind has hidden out in an abandoned farm-house on the outskirts of town, just once I would like to see it be a booming hotel in the middle of a big city. I am sure there has been some like that but none that come to mind. They go and check out the house and of course the boys get knocked out and the ladies get caught, when the boys come to they are tied to poles in what appears to be a barn. Come to find out sheriff Vampire is actually not killing anyone and it is the other vampires that are doing it. They of course take him out, he is crimping their style and they can not be having that. While they are taking care of that Dean and sheriff Cheery are getting themselves untied and when they do they take out all of the vampires.

Sheriff Mills tells sheriff Cheery that she will fill her in on all the stuff that she knows about when it comes to monsters. Does that mean we will see more of her in the future? Dean tells Sam that he felt normal killing the vampires and not like he wanted to continue to kill. Does that mean the mark doesn’t have hold anymore? We will have to wait until the next episode to find out……

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