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By | November 12, 2014

The Road So Far……

Remember Chuck Shurley? He was the very first prophet that Sam and Dean met on their travels, that ended up disappearing awhile ago. He couldn’t find work because of the blinding visions that he kept getting so he started writing them down. His writings were turned into books that he titled Supernatural (see what they did there).Castiel tells us these are called the Winchester Gospels. could you imagine a bible of sorts with Sam and Dean in it? That would be an interesting religion that is for sure.

Now…….(*Warning Spoilers*)

Congratulations we have reached 200 episodes of Supernatural. That is an amazing accomplishment for any show! We have been teased with a musical episode and I was a little disappointed, because Sam and Dean did not sing. Could you imagine the boys singing and dancing around like they where in some twisted version of cats? Although that is a story line that I could have seen with the Trickster. Doesn’t that sound like something he would do? Put Sam and Dean in Phantom of the Opera or something. Instead we find out that a high school is putting on a musical based on the Supernatural books. Really? Why couldn’t my high school have been that cool?

Supernatural Fan Fiction

What will the boys think of their lives set to music? I don’t think it would be Andrew Lloyd Weber type music that would be the back drop for them, it would be more like Metallica (Enter Sandman) or Ac/Dc (Highway to Hell) and I think Dean would agree.
People start disappearing pretty quickly which is why the boys take on the job and find out about the musical. They see their lives played out on stag taking us back all the way to episode 1 where it all began, and boy are these kids intense. They take this show very serious. What kind of critter takes high school kids putting on a play? Is it leather face, a scarecrow, a local legend? No it is a muse, Callopie to be exact. Callopie is the muse of epic poetry, daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne, and is believed to be Homer’s muse for the Iliad and the Odyssey. That means the boys are dealing with a type of god and that usually doesn’t end well for them.
They set up a plan to draw Callopie out and of course the show must go on. At this point you catch Dean dancing along to one of the songs in the show. I didn’t think Dean would like it but he seems to really enjoy watching him and Sam being portrayed on the stage. Sam ends up disappearing in the same fashion as the other people and comes face to face with the muse they are hunting. After a little back and forth he ends up killing her, but you have to expect that after all if they didn’t put an end to the monsters the monsters would put an end to them and then we wouldn’t have any more Supernatural and we all would be sad.
The musical ends with them doing a cover of Wayward Son which we all know is the theme song of the show so they had to put that in there. At one point Dean asks who one of the characters in the play is and we are reminded about John Winchesters third son Adam. He is still in hell trapped in the box. What does that mean? Will they try to save him now? The boys leave the school, riding off into the sunset like they are in some sort of romantic comedy but you wouldn’t expect anything less. Sam and Dean have left so at this time your turning off the tv to get up and refresh your drink or get some snacks, but wait….
Someone came to see the show. Who you might ask. Chuck Shurley! Wait isn’t he dead? Only one prophet at a time. I know he only disappeared but we had Kevin and for us to get a new prophet the old one had to die. What does this mean then? Is Chuck a ghost? Is he back from the dead? We do know that God, the angels and even Crowley like bringing people back from the dead.Hopefully soon we get some answers on that front.
This episode was good even though the boys did not sing and dance, which is what I was looking forward to. It did raise some questions though that could keep the show going for a bit which I do like. This whole season so far has been pretty serious so I am waiting for the little break that the writers do every season and just have a funny episode. I beleave we will have that next week when it looks like the boys are trapped in CLUE…..

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