Supernatural “The Executioner’s Song”

By | February 17, 2015

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Let me just say I love Timothy Omundson and he makes an awesome Cain and in this episode we get to see him again. I wish we could have seen more of him this season. His character adds so much to the Supernatural family. The writers of the show could have done so much with his story line, but they didn’t. With that being said let’s jump right into the episode.

Supernatural - The Executioner's Song

Cain visits an inmate (a murderer) in his cell in prison and what does he say to him but the most awesome line ever, “Did I come here to punish you or to save you?” He says he is there to do both and then promptly kills him. The first time we met Cain though he was done with killing, so what does this mean? I am guessing when you are Cain that killing is kinda like a drug. You have to stay away from killing to stay clean and when the boys came a calling it was like putting the drugs into his system.

Castiel has found Cain’s “dumping ground” and Cain too. Why is he killing again? Cain reveals that he is wanting to get rid of his blood line. Does he think if he kills them all that there will be no more killers in the world? I doubt that. I think this is just an excuse for him to feed his blood lust.

The boys call Crowley so that they can get the first blade back and Crowley meets them. He tells them that he will hand it to Dean after they capture Cain, but they have to give it back to Crowley after Dean kills Cain. Why in the world would you give the king of hell a blade that can kill anything? I don’t think that is very smart at all.

Supernatural - The Executioner's Song

Of course they are able to capture him and soon the fight ensues. Dean has met his match now he can barely get a hit in. We find out though that the blade does not belong to the mark but it belongs to Cain and, no matter what, will always go back to him. This battle between Cain and Dean reminds me of another famous battle and surprisingly ends the same way. It would have made my night if only Cain would have looked at Dean and said “Dean I am your father.” That would have been EPIC! Dean really does not want to kill him and in almost a begging tone asks if there is another way.

Eventually Cain accepts his fate and the deed is done. No one knows how Dean will emerge, will he be demon Dean again or will he be the old Dean. When he does come out with the blade Crowley is expecting Dean to just hand over the blade to him but Dean doesn’t he hands it to Castiel.

This battle may be over and Dean may be alive but we all know that the war is not over and that Dean is in trouble. How much trouble? Only time will tell on that one. We have to wait to find out though because not only will the boys not be back for a whole month but they will be moving to Wednesdays. I will see you then……….

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