Supernatural “Brother’s Keeper”

By | July 23, 2015

We are almost done with the whirlwind that has been the 10th season. This is the last episode and this season has given us so many emotions and so many questions. Let’s see what the last episode has in store for us.

Dean is out working cases, I don’t think this is the best idea. Sam still has Rowena held captive, but is thinking of letting her free with the codex if she can break the curse of the mark.

Dean is going around letting innocent people get killed. This is insane and nothing like him at all. Then again that is what the mark does to you, it makes you a killer. I think Dean knows what is happening to him and deep down inside he doesn’t like it, but he has no idea how to make it stop. It makes you want to go through the television and help him. He is even seeing visions of the people that he has wronged, the bruised and bloody face of Castiel and the face of the hunter he got killed, Rudy.

Supernatural Season 10 Finale

Castiel is seriously begging Crowley to help him. I cannot believe it but he is. I think it may have something to do with the fact that Sam tried to kill him in the last episode. They know that the spell calls for something that Rowena loves, and that is someone named Oscar that she knew three hundred years ago.

Sam is able to track Dean down and all that he finds is a note giving him baby and the keys. Dean has summoned Death. While Death is one of my favorite characters, I usually don’t like it when he shows up. He never comes with good news, and this time is no different. Dean wants Death to kill him!  That is the last thing that any of us want.

Supernatural "Death" Season 10 Finale

We find out that before there was light and dark that there was nothing but dark and that God and his archangels fought a war with the darkness and won. God in turn entrusted one of his angels with the lock and key to the darkness, the angel known as Lucifer. Lucifer ended up passing it onto Cain and Cain onto Dean.  Death tells Dean the only way to get rid of the mark is to pass it onto another, we all know that Dean would never do that. They can remove the mark from Dean, but in doing so that would let the darkness out.

Crowley has found Oscar, you know the only thing that Rowena has ever loved.  Will Rowena be able to kill him? She didn’t even love her own son, so how can she love this man?  In the meantime Sam and Dean are fighting to the death, because the only way for the world to be safe is if Sam is dead, because as long as he is alive he will keep on looking for a way to get the mark off of Dean. Death has already said that he will take Dean far away so that he cannot hurt anyone.

Sam gives in and tells Death to do it. Does that mean that Sam is going to die? Doesn’t one of them die every season anyway? I don’t think Dean can kill his baby brother, especially after Sam gives him the pictures of his family. He doesn’t! He turns around and kills Death instead.

The mark is gone!!!! Rowena did it. Rowena has come into some awesome new powers and actually has Castiel looking like he will kill Crowley. The darkness is already coming. This cannot be good. October cannot get her soon enough!

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