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Once was…… Rowena has done something to Castiel to make him kill Crowley (don’t worry the boys stopped that from happening) and it looks like we may have a baby darkness on our hands or young lady. Oh hell you know how demon/ancient stuff works by now.


An infinite power in the hands of a child? That doesn’t sound good at all. I put any power in the hands of one of my children and it is a time bomb waiting to happen. What in the world would happen if they had the power of the darkness? This folks is why we do not kill Death. No matter how much he deserved it.

Crowley has possession of Amara, and is looking for his lovely mother. I know there are times that I have been angry at my mother but I have never wanted her taken out like he does, but then again my mother has never tried having an angel kill me.

The Bad Seed

Metatron seems to have a pretty good hiding spot, he is still in the wind even with the boys and all the angels looking for him. I know it is probably no good to hope that he has fallen off the edge of the world. He is one villain that no matter what you cannot like. Crowley is a villain that no matter what he does you still kind of want him to win but not Metatron. You pray (pun intended) that he will succumb to angel herpes or something.

I feel like we just entered The Twilight Zone or something, did I really just watch an angel and a demon sit down at a bar and 1. Not have an all-out war and 2. Have it followed with “and the bartender said”?

While Amara and Crowley talk philosophy, the boys capture Rowena and start to question her about the book of the damned. I think it will take a lot more than just a couple of questions to get her to talk. Anyone know the proper way to water board a witch? Rowena seems to actually be worried about what Dean may have unleashed onto the world. Honestly though we wouldn’t be in this if she just would have done what she was supposed to in the first place.

An evil Castiel does not sit well with me at all. It isn’t him and well yes I know that is part of the spell, but it left a bad taste in my mouth to see him chasing after a young girl and trying to kill her.

How do you make a witch killing bullet? I know werewolves are silver and I am guessing vampires would have either ultraviolet bullets or wooden ones, but witch killing bullets? Are they made with something like a hex bag in them? That’s it I have to make witch killing bullets now. And they still let her get away!

This episode may not have been the best but I do think it has answered some questions that we have had. Let’s find out what exactly this Darkness has in store for the people of the world.

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