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****SPOILERS****Okay we all know who “Baby” is. She is this beautiful 1967 Impala that Dean drives and probably loves more than life. If you are a car person, then Baby is what dreams are made of.

Supernatural: Baby 1967 Impala

Dean is having cabin fever and will take any job no matter how small it is. So they head out on a possible case just to get out of the bunker.  We did get a great Dean quote from this episode. “Time heals all wounds Sammy, especially good time.”  I don’t know about healing all wounds but good times do help a lot.

The best thing about this series has to be the music. I don’t know about you but listening to some Classic Rock always makes me feel better, so to have a television show with, well let’s face it some hot as hell leads and Rock music has to be the best thing ever.

Imagine falling asleep with your brother on a road trip and waking up to your brother no longer being there but your father in his place. You would think you had just stepped into The Twilight Zone, which is what I imagined Sam thought when just that happened to him. In this moment though we were given another great quote this one from John Winchester himself…. “When has death stopped a Winchester?” How true is that statement? I mean come on Death tried stopping Dean so he killed him!

How in the world do they have Wi-Fi where ever they go? I can’t get a strong signal in my house but they can search for monsters on the computer in the middle of nowhere! It just isn’t fair. (and yes I did stomp my foot down like a toddler)

“God helps those who help themselves.”  Growing up southern I heard this phrase a lot. The boys should have had this figured out by now.  How are the boys going to help themselves though? Then again God hasn’t been much help to them in the past so why would he start now? You would think since people are supposed to be God’s greatest masterpiece that he would help them out more.

Who actually says “Goodnight Jerk” and “Goodnight Bitch” to each other? Well Sam and Dean of course. How else are they going to tell each other that they love one another?

Castiel watching ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, that is something that I would like to see. How fun would it be to introduce an angel to Netflix?

Do you remember a few seasons back when the FBI catches up to the boys and Lilith takes over a police station? Dean uttered a phrase that all 80’s babies love. He says “I did not shoot the deputy.” In this episode after a fight with a police officer that he has to shoot. He actually says “Turns out I did shoot the Deputy. “I love it! The only problem is; this creature they are hunting will not die.

Supernatural: Baby

Sometimes that sweet old lady down the way really isn’t a sweet old lady. Dean found that out the hard way. Why in the world would this creature need an army? I can only guess that it has something to do with the darkness. Even the monsters are scared of the darkness. This cannot be good.

This episode is great because you watch the whole thing from the view of “Baby”. Who hasn’t wondered what their car sees? Well with this episode you get to see exactly what a hunter’s car sees. It was great.

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