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By | November 23, 2014

*Warning Spoilers*

This episode had a lot of creep factor in it and it had nothing to do with the creatures the boys normally hunt. It came in the form of rich people. I mean stereotypical rich people. Snotty and after nothing but money and ways to look good in front of people. They do nothing but feud with their family and look down on everyday people. The women in it could not keep their hands off of Sam. How was Bobby affiliated with these people?

Sam and Dean can not find a job so they decide to follow-up with a message they got on one of Bobby’s phones. It seems a very rich lady has left either him or his next of kin something in her will. We see inside the mansion where they are preparing for a funeral for a woman named Bunny. The next thing you know Bunny is killing one of the maids for trying on a pearl necklace.

The boys arrive just after the viewing and are informed that they do not have to stay for the reading and the butler gives them an envelope with a cross necklace in it. Not a little silver or gold thing you hang around your neck. No something that you would use as a key chain that has rubies and diamonds in it. They go to hock it and find out it is a fake but it does hold a key.

Supernatural - Ask Jeeves

Does the butler know something about it? The boys decide to ask him if he does. They go back to the house and they find that there has been another killing but this one is by Bunny’s late husband Lance. What does that mean, there are two ghosts? While at the house this time, poor Sam is treated like a piece of meat by the women. They will not leave him alone and it is almost embarrassing.

They find out the key is to a secret room and in there Dean finds the body of a maid and another maid crying. He lets the other maid out to go in search of the butler. It doesn’t take long until Sam find hims with a knife in his back, but Dean is talking to him. It isn’t a ghost they are hunting it is a shapeshifter.

The family is fighting about who the killer is, and in doing so lock Sam and Dean in a room. They watch from a screen as the shapeshifter goes after the family because they treated her mother Bunny wrong in the past. Bobby had killed the young lady’s father and her mother kept her locked away and in her death gave her to Bobby to take care of. The boys escape the room and end up shooting the shapeshifter. Dean keeps shooting though. Does he still have some demon in him?
The episode could have been better. I have seen better from the boys in the past. Could supernatural be going down hill? Are they in a rut? I hope not, but lately they haven’t been as exciting as in the past. I guess we will know next week when we meet a Brothel of Witches.

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