Sailor Moon Crystal Mercury Debut

By | July 19, 2014

Sailor Moon Crystal - Mercury's Debut

The reboot of the Sailor Moon series, called Sailor Moon Crystal, has aired the second episode. Sailor Mercury made her first appearance and a brief glimpse of Rei was tacked on to the final scene (just like Ami was glimpsed at the end of the first episode). There has been quite a bit of mixed emotions found amongst the American fans. Some dislike the art style, some think that Sailor Moon’s transformation lacked warmth because of the computer generated graphics, and some seem to be missing the “filler”. I will go on record as saying that I love the original series (and when I say original please do not under any circumstance mistake that for the dubbed version). I watched some the original series on TV, but I was never able to catch the whole thing. Later in life I experienced the original Japanese voices and watched the first, second, and third seasons subtitled. I still haven’t seen SuperS (I’m not a big fan of ChibiUsa – or “Rini” as the Dubbers would know her). I have tried not to watch too much of Stars since it isn’t officially dubbed, but I broke down a year or two ago and watched the last ten episodes or so. I stumbled upon the re-release of the manga and devoured each issue as soon as I could find/buy them.

I love the manga.

I love the old show.

They are two very different stories, and I am glad that the manga is being used for Sailor Moon Crystal. I don’t want to see a reboot of the original TV show. I want to experience Naoko Takeuchi’s beautiful artwork and storytelling via the medium of television. I have read complaints about how “skinny” the character designs are. This isn’t really about jumping on some recent bandwagon. Take a look at the source material. This is the way the characters were first drawn. I have seen and own some of the Sailor Moon art books. They are one of my most prized possessions. The artwork is so beautiful and artistic. Sailor Moon Crystal is reaching back to the roots, back to the manga. So far, it seems to be right on the money in that respect (I’ll admit that my manga issues are in storage right now).

Sailor Moon Crystal – Usagi’s transformation is lacking.

So… my opinion of episode two – This is the episode that vindicated one of the fans’ complaints: Sailor Moon’s new transformation is lacking. Why do I think that based on the second episode? I think that, because Sailor Mercury’s transformation had me cheering! It feels right, there’s water-like movement, it reminds me of the original series, but it is different.

I also watched 2 clips of the new dub for the original series. I love the new voice acting. Usagi, Luna, and Mamoru sound young, not annoying, and they have kept their Japanese names. No more Serena!! Hallelujah! However, Luna is no longer an old English nanny. 🙁

We carry on.

The release date for the blu-ray has also been announced as 11/11/14. Preorders seem to be confined to for now, but hopefully we’ll see that market expand soon.