Reaper of Souls Preparation

By | March 23, 2014

Blizzard’s Diablo development team threw together a playlist on Spotify® earlier this week in continued promotion for the release of Reaper of Souls.  So, for my Reaper of Souls preparation, I decided to turn on their playlist and level my Wizard all the way to 60 and get some of these Paragon levels my friends have been talking about.  I blew through the campaign at release (getting to level 35) and unfortunately hadn’t been back to the world of Sanctuary since, even though I knew the game had gotten even better.

Diving Back in to Diablo III

When I left the game for a temporary hiatus, my main character, a Wizard, was sitting at level 35 with some ok equipment and some decent gems I was leveling up.  I had finished the campaign on normal mode and attempted the next difficulty.  I didn’t make it very far and decided I would instead replay some of the previous zones.  This got boring fast to me.  So many people were just grinding through the campaign and moving up in difficulty, and I couldn’t do it.  Not with a toddler running around and college classes or homework calling my name every night.  When I got back in, due to a tip from a friend who also plays Diablo and World of Warcraft in his regular game rotation, there was a community buff of 50% extra experience going on.  That buff has now been boosted to 100%.  The loot system changes that were made were in effect and for my level I was very well outfitted.  I moved up to the next difficulty and began blasting my way through demons left and right.  I did this for only a couple hours before moving up to the next difficulty level.  Through the last few days I made it from 35 to 60, and more than 25 Paragon levels.

Blizzard is pushing Reaper of Souls hard!

They are making it a no-brainer if you want to get back in.  Showcasing all the changes at last years Blizzcon, the developers have continued with spotlights, videos, articles, and Q&As proving that it is much better game going forward.  On top of game improvements, Blizzard is also offering a ton of goodies for purchasing this game.  My Reaper of Souls preparation also involved looking into all these goodies, since I almost exclusively play Blizzard games.  Since I have purchased the Collector’s Editions since StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm released, I’ll focus on everything someone gets for preordering the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector’s Edition.

For Diablo 3 itself, you get a Spectral Hound minion to run around with you throughout the world of Sanctuary.  Also included are several themed transmogrification items for the new transmog feature.  Transmog is a feature I loved in World of Warcraft.  I’m not sure how it will pan out in Diablo 3.

For World of Warcraft you get a Treasure Goblin pet.  Pretty standard fare nowadays.  Collector’s Editions usually include a pet or mount for WoW.

For StarCraft 2, Reaper of Souls’ holds new portraits and decals themed around the new Crusader class coming in the expansion.  I’m an all around Blizzard gamer, but I really do wish they’d come up with something a little cooler than these.  Maybe something for arcade building or a custom map to play.

March 20, Blizzard decided to sweeten the deal even further by giving away 3 expert packs of Hearthstone cards (for Collector’s Edition, 1 pack for the regular edition).  If I weren’t already playing Hearthstone in my regular routine, I’d certainly make it part of my Reaper of Souls preparation!

demonhunter and wings of valor

The same day, Blizzard announced a bonus for pre-ordering the game.  Wings of Valor, which look pretty amazing, are an aesthetic add-on you can wear anything by clicking the in-game item you get.  I love my Tyrael and Kerrigan wings.  The Valla the Demon Hunter hero for Heroes of the Storm is a big move toward promoting that game.  The previews and gameplay really showcase the playability of the Demon Hunter.  (I’m still not in the beta for Heroes of the Storm, but if I make it in I’ll let everyone know)

March 21, to further get the news out, Blizzard announced a new store promo.  If you spend $66.60 (see what they did there?) you get the Diablo set of Funko Pop vinyl toys.  Awesome!  These sold out before the second day of Blizzcon 2013, but fortunately for me they were back in stock for Christmas.  $66.60 is pretty much the price of the digital Collector’s Edition and anything thing else in the store.  Like I said, they are pushing this game hard!  Works for me, because I get to take advantage of all these goodies.

What’s your Reaper of Souls preparation?

My actual game day prep involves keeping lots of water and snacks on hand.  I’m sure a lot of gamers will have stacks of energy drinks, soda, and beef jerky on hand, but I’ve found that you can go a lot longer if you stay hydrated with good ole water.  I try to drink about four times as much water as caffeinated beverage.  My caffein of choice is black coffee.  I’m not looking for the sluggish crash sugar can bring about.  Whole grain chips and beef jerky go a long way too.

Leave us a comment and tell us what you’re doing to get ready for the expansion this Tuesday.

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