Reaper of Souls Bosses

By | March 28, 2014

This is going to be a first hand look at the Reaper of Souls bosses.  The expansion to Diablo III followed the example of Lord of Destruction, the popular expansion to Diablo II, by focusing on one more “Act” in the story.  The largest difference here was the scope of the Act.  You travel to three new areas and have to face three new bosses, along with some sub-level bosses throughout to add to the story.  On our YouTube Channel you can find a video review with gameplay and a video unboxing of the Collector’s Edition.

Reaper of Souls Bosses

Reaper of Souls Bosses - Urzael Angelic Form

Urzael looks very angelic when he drops from the sky into the tower, but since he had just rained fire down on the city of Westmarch I figured he’d transform pretty quickly.

Reaper of Souls Bosses - Urzael Fire Form

You don’t actually fight Urzael in his angelic form, but he does make a slight transformation toward the end of the battle when he ups the ante by using a flamethrower ability very reminiscent of Diablo’s from Diablo II.

Diablo III Adria the Witch

In Reaper of Souls, your character has a pretty big beef with Adria.  I played through as a Wizard, and couldn’t wait to face off against her.  A Horadrim even follows you through some of the quest to keep you from killing her until you get the information you need from her.

Reaper of Souls Bosses - Adria

Like with Urzael, you won’t fight Adria in her human form.  She immediately transforms into a demon-touched monster that resembles the Queen of Blades on steroids.

Reaper of Souls - Malthael Angelic Form

We’ve all seen what Malthael looks like thanks to the beautiful cinematic that starts the game, which was also the trailer for the game.  You will fight Malthael in this angelic form for 75% of the battle.  After that, he does something very surprising…

Reaper of Souls Bosses - Malthael Demonic

Malthael destroys the Black Soulstone, absorbing the power of the prime evils, and giving himself some of the demonic powers.  One of which is a Diablo inspired fire sweep, only this time it’s doubled.  Malthael is a ridiculously hard boss and requires more than a little finesse to take out.

Those are the three Reaper of Souls bosses.  After defeating all three you get some tasty story which should only serve to whet your appetite for more Diablo.  Which of these three is your favorite boss?  Let us know in the comments!