Price details for Curse of Naxxramas

By | July 9, 2014

Yesterday, July 8th, Blizzard took a big step forward with the long awaited Adventure Mode for Hearthstone and announced the price details for Curse of Naxxramas.  With the announcement were some other announcements that caught me off guard.

Price Details for Curse of Naxxramas: $7 or 700 Gold


The picture above shows that each of the wings will cost you 700 in game Gold.  Luckily for me, last night I hit over 1,400 Gold.  $6.99 is the cost per wing, with several bundle options available if you want to spend some in game Gold and hard earned cash.  I had thought that the different wings would be costly, but I didn’t expect them to be 700.  I was thinking around 300 to 500.  That’s why I had begun hoarding up my Quest Gold and not purchasing new packs or playing the Arena.  I’m hoping that it’s safe to assume from the price that these different wings will be challenging and provide a couple hours of play (minimum) each.

Heroic Mode

In an unexpected move, Blizzard also announced Heroic Mode for Naxxramas.  The rewards for completing Heroic Mode are a little lack luster.  Completing all of the wings of Naxxramas on Heroic nets you a new card back.  I’m hoping that they’ll add Golden versions of the new Naxx cards before launch.

Speaking of launch… still no date announcement.  There must be a lot of extra groundwork to lay for Adventure Mode.  With that said, when the crypt dust settles on Naxxramas and a new set is announced, what Raid would you like to see brought to Hearthstone?  Let us know on our Facebook page.

Price details for Curse of Naxxramas