PAX East Hearthstone and more from Blizzard!

By | April 13, 2014

I started out writing this about the PAX East Hearthstone announcement, but Blizzard had a lot more to announce that was exciting for me.  Let’s look at Hearthstone first.

PAX East Hearthstone Announcement

Adventure Time! (err, Adventure Mode)

If you have been playing Hearthstone, but not following the news and announcements, you may have noticed a fourth option panel on the game screen that was blanked out (like a car’s dashboard when you don’t spring for all the features).  [see what I’m talking about at the 19seconds mark below]

This option will be the adventure mode, currently slated to be a PvE feature. The first adventure, as announced at PAX East will be Naxxramas. It will include challenges against bosses with new hero powers and cards exclusive to them. Also included will be new playable cards as a reward for going through the adventure. The first quarter of Naxxramas will be free to play with the remaining quarters being unlockable through in-game gold or real money. Blizzard did not announce what the cost would be for the adventure expansions or a specific release date for adventure mode.

PAX East Hearthstone - Baron Rivendare

One of my favorite cards Blizzard previewed.

Sleepless Nights (aka Hearthstone for iPad)

As if I weren’t staying up late enough, Blizzard has begun the rollout process for Hearthstone on the iPad.  Beginning with Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, Hearthstone is available for immediate download from the iPad App Store.  No announcement for Android devices yet, other than that they are working on it.  Unfortunately, no date for the US release either.  The ability to play this game on iPad was the greatest draw for me.  It’s a great casual game, with some serious possibilities, and tablet support is definitely going to add to that.

PAX East Heroes of the Storm

While pouring over the PAX East Hearthstone news I came across some very awesome announcements for Heroes of the Storm!

Remember almost two weeks ago when Blizzard did their yearly pranking?  Remember this guy?

PAX East Hearthstone and Heroes of the StormPajamathur was so popular, it’s going to be an in-game skin for Abathur.  I really love it when a company listens to their fan base.  The video above shows off some of the new Heroes, abilities, and skins that were announced.  I kind of already have my dream team picked out in my head.  I’ll show off the most exciting to me:

PAX East Hearthstone TassadarWhat would your Heroes of the Storm dream team consist of?  Let us know in the comments below!