Magic 2015 for XBOX 360 reviewed by longtime player

By | July 24, 2014


I recently started playing the new Magic 2015 game for Xbox 360. The game is also available on Xbox 1, Steam, PS4, Google’s play store and Apple’s app store. I have played every single one released and I will start by saying this one does not disappoint. If you have never tried one and are a fan of the game from way back in the day, playing at the lunch table in high school like I was, then this is a great way to get back into the game and have very little cost. You can purchase the game from the marketplace for $9.99, it has some additional cost if you want to unlock foil cards or just not bother winning enough to get all the cards but ten dollars will truly get you everything you need.  The game has two modes single player (the campaign) and multiplayer.  Several great things I love about the game and a few that just didn’t quite cut it.

Magic 2015 – The good

Magic 2015

This is the first game that truly lets you build your own deck. The previous title allowed you to do a booster draft and pick cards as well as sort of pick out your own deck but for the most part the campaign felt like you are given a deck or several decks and just unlocking the full potential of the deck. In this one you get a starter deck and each victory nets you booster packs. After I would say about ten victories, you have enough cards to truly rip open the deck and start from scratch. The game has a few little extra things thrown in that to me just made the game awesome. One of these is when you cast a flying creature the card actually hovers over the game board so clearly you know it is a flying creature.

Magic 2015 – The Bad

The multiplayer mode does not allow you to have a truly private game. You can start a game, select the number of players and invite your friends however, you cannot make that game invite only so if a random stranger joins you have to back out and start a new game. Also while this game does have booster packs that you get to open they did away with the complete draft format style of playing which if you have ever been to a local card shop is truly a fun way to play. The standard draft format you have a set amount of booster packs and each player takes one card from the first booster pack and then passes the cards to the left. Then with the second booster they do this and pass to the right. It allows a truly random game experience. I really like this game type and was sad to see it not be included. They also have done away with scenarios. Scenarios can only be won in one manner and are setup to truly teach new players how to be better players. I think this was a foundation piece for the game that should not have been removed. Another pain point at least in the xbox 360 version is the font used in the game it is very small and hard to read even on a 55-inch television.

Magic 2015 - Ajani

Magic 2015 – Overall

Overall the game is great and very fun to play. At a low cost of ten dollars it is well worth the money and I highly recommend checking it out.  For all of the other achievement hunters like myself the game also includes 30 achievements. I give the game 4 out of 5 stars.

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