Guy Hasson Interview – From New Worlds Comics to Wynter

By | July 25, 2014

Recently, I reviewed a digital comic called Wynter.  I had the opportunity to interview the books creator and writer, Guy Hasson, and took it.  So be sure to check out my review of Wynter and Brock’s review of Goof from New Worlds Comics.

Guy Hasson – Crafter of New Worlds and Digital Comics Businessman

Doyle:  I noticed a strong George Orwell 1984 influence in Wynter.  Maybe I’m wrong.  What was your inspiration for the world?

Guy Hasson

Guy Hasson

The world in Wynter came from the concept: Suppose there were so many human beings spread across the galaxy that every DNA permutation that could exist does? So every person that could exist does. Not only that, but there are so many people that every person would have to exist hundreds of thousands of times. Each time they would be born to different parents, in different circumstances, in different places.

I wanted to get to that world, because, in my eyes, it’s just a question of time. And once we get there, how can you ever be unique? I connect all these people through a Facebook/Twitter/Whatever in their brains that immediately logs all emotions and thoughts. So the AI in your head can tell you that emotion you just felt? Exactly the same emotion was felt by 5 billion people in the last five seconds. And a small blink will lead you to find out more about them.

Wynter takes place in a future where there are no limits to space or human societies. Everything is possible. But no one can be special. It’s the most open prison in the world – and the prison bars are simple and true facts: Everything you do has been done millions of times. Every emotion and thought you have has been felt and thought of millions of times over.

That’s how the massive galactic world in Wynter came to be.

Doyle:  My family and friends love reading independent comics from publishers like Archaia, Dark Horse, and Image.  Was Wynter shopped around to any publishers before starting New Worlds Comics?

Guy Hasson:  Wynter was never shopped around. In the short time we’ve existed, and even though we’re still a small company, we’ve been called the best science fiction comic on the market today by Living Myth Magazine and by Adventures in Poor Taste. So I have no doubt that if I had shopped it around, one of the bigger companies would have taken it.

I didn’t create New Worlds Comics because no one would accept the comics we’re creating. I created it because I wanted to craft a new standard of comic books. I wanted to give the artists artistic freedom. I wanted a quality of story no one has. I wanted the stories to appeal to teenagers, of course, but to be complex and good enough to appeal to the most intelligent ones, too, and to the 30-year-old, 40-year-old, 50-year-old (etc.) comics lovers. I wanted to create stories that actually have endings, which allows us to create entirely new types of stories for comics. I wanted to create comic books with women as the main characters, with realistic characters and realistic bodies.

So Wynter is the result. And hopefully the readers will support us in what we do.

Doyle:  I read in the manifesto for New Worlds Comics that you are very pro female characters.  I’m always for good female characters, mostly due to the unrealistic body types mainstream male characters have.  Don’t get me wrong, the big two have some very unrealistic female characters too.  Most guys can’t just lose some weight to realistically cosplay one of their favorite characters.  They’d need to use steroids and hit the gym every day for a year to look like a “hero”.  What’s the story behind the pro female stance at New Worlds Comics?

Guy Hasson:  Do you remember what it’s like to be 15-year-old and love superheroes? You imagined you’re Spider-Man or Superman, and it empowered you. Now imagine what it’s like to be a 15-year-old girl? What empowers you when you read comics? Would you imagine you’re a big busted copy of a hero or maybe just a sidekick or a love interest?

It is a crime that there are almost no main women characters that you can look up to. It’s ridiculous that it hasn’t happened yet. Just ridiculous.

Personally, I’ve always loved writing about women more than about men. I found women more interesting. And when writing women, you can always get to the emotional core immediately. With men you have to first punch a hole in their male ego, and then let them access their emotions. Besides, when men really break, they just collapse to broken, shattered, tattered pieces on the floor. Women can break down and still function just as well. Which behavior is more heroic?

Doyle:  Wynter is a purely digital comic now, but would you consider doing a print version when the current story arc or series is finished?

Guy Hasson:  We are actually discussing doing trade paperbacks of all our titles, once we have 4 issues of each. But that’s not closed yet, so we’ll officially announce in a couple of weeks. Even when we do, at first we ‘ןךך only be in selected indie stores. So if you want to support us, don’t wait. Get on ComiXology and get the digital copies now.

Doyle:  The artwork and lettering on Wynter is amazing.  Definitely better than most digital only comics.  Where did you find Aron Elekes and what was his initial reaction to this scary but all too familiar world you’ve created?

Guy Hasson:  Thanks. Aron Elekes’ artwork is astounding. He treats the work as art, not work. And as such, he gives it everything he’s got, and he puts his soul in it. As you can see, he really connects to the futuristic world, to the darkness, and to the story.

His initial reaction to the work? He quit his job and started working on Wynter even before I could promise that it would be a long-term thing.

Doyle:  Having read issues #1 and #2, I can’t wait to get my hands on #3 which was released last week.  How long will the wait be for the fourth issue?

Guy Hasson:  Issue #4 will be released in October. Let me tell you a little bit about what you’re going to see: The world will suddenly be expanding quite a bit in that issue. We’ll also be introduced to a major character we haven’t seen yet. We’ll learn quite a bit about the last character seen in Wynter #3, about whom I will say nothing. Liz will have to deal with her own personal demons. There’ll be quite a change of pace, and there’ll even be time for something very… steamy. And lastly: I’m going to take a huge bat and hit you over the head with it. That’s what you’re going to feel when you finish reading Wynter #4.

Doyle:  How soon until we see New Worlds Comics in the convention circuits?

Guy Hasson:  That’s going to take a little while. We have a small budget and a very small team. We’re working on releasing another new series and a graphic novel series. We’re working on getting some trade paperbacks out. And we’re working on writing a Wynter pilot for TV. But the official news for that will come another day. Hopefully, next year we’ll be making at least part of the convention circuit.

Doyle:   Thanks for an outstanding interview. I can speak for the comics team at AnonymousGeek, and say that we are very excited to see all the things happening at New Worlds Comics, and look forward to working more with you to get the word out.