Guide to Supernatural: “The Werther Project”

By | May 25, 2015

We start this episode in 1973 with a young girl and her family. It seem to be a normal day for this very normal family, so what are they doing in Supernatural, right? Well the family may be normal but there just may be something in the house that isn’t normal. The young girl of the family happens upon a box and wouldn’t you know it, something decides to just leave the box and visit everyone in the family. Next thing you know the whole family is dead and they got that way by their own hands. Not so normal now is it? I kind of got the urge to watch Amityville Horror after watching this part. Or maybe call Ed and Lorraine Warren to investigate, maybe exorcise the house or something.

Magnus, you remember him? He was the uber douche that tried to keep Dean and the blade in his museum. Yeah he was a special kind of insane. He made the suicide box. It was made as a sort of magical safe. I know my safe will not make you commit suicide, it will just keep people out. Then again if it makes everyone that tries to open it commit suicide, then I guess it did keep people out.

I know you are asking yourself what could be so powerful that it would need to put in a safe like that? The codex, the book that Rowena needs to translate the Book of the Damned. What the hell does this codex have in it?

Sam goes to open up the “safe” and lets something out. The something goes into the lady that owns the house the box was in and into Dean. In short order the woman turns a gun on herself.  That leaves Dean, what could he possibly see? He ends up in purgatory with Benny of all people/creatures. Benny tells him that purgatory is the last place that Dean felt whole. I could so see that. I mean now that he has the mark all he wants to do is kill and purgatory is a place that he could do that without any repercussions. If you remember correctly there was something dangerous at every turn, the perfect hunting grounds for someone that wants to do nothing but kill. I bet Cain would have liked it very much.


There is just one thing that the box didn’t count on and that was the mark. The mark is going to protect its host all costs and that means from suicide too. At this point I don’t think anything would be able to kill Dean and that includes Dean.


You’re asking yourself where Rowena is. She is not very far and even comes to save the day. If I had to rely on Rowena to save my life I would go ahead and start planning my funeral, but she really wants Crowley dead. She will do anything to make that so, even if that means teaming up with Sam.

I can’t help but wonder what Dean is going to think of all of the lies from Sam. This is not good for their relationship. We all know why Sam is doing this and we can only hope that Dean will feel the same way.

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