Guide to Supernatural: “Dark Dynasty”

By | June 24, 2015

We start by watching a young collage woman getting her eyes removed by someone. Who or what is this someone? Sam is pretty mad at Rowena she has had the book for a while and has not made any progress with removing the mark from Dean. I am really hating the deal that Sam made with her, they cannot kill Crowley. The show would not be the same without the Dean and Crowley bromance.

Remember the Styne family? The family that would so anything to get their hands on the book of the damned. What are they up to? I am sure that it is no good. One of them is being charged with going after the boys and retrieving the book. Dean has been doing some research on the Styne family, which leaves you wondering who is chasing who.

Sam is recruiting Charlie to work with Rowena and I do not see this ending well for someone. I can’t imagine them being able to get along very well. Castiel is helping too and it looks like the beginning of a bad joke. An angel, a witch and a nerd are in a room together….Everyone agrees that cracking the book and figuring out how to remove the mark is the best thing for Dean.

Charlie (Felicia Day) - Dark Dynasty

What does the king of hell do for fun in his off time? You know in between collecting souls and doing evil things around the world. He plays darts of course and instead of putting up a picture of someone he hates he just shoots at one of his demons. I would really hate to get on his bad side. The demons seem to be scared to tell the king of hell that his mother is missing.

Could Charlie and Rowena be alike? Rowena seems to think so.  The Styne boy has caught up to our Winchesters. What will happen when they meet? Styne wants revenge for them killing one of his brothers and of course Sam and Dean want to rid the world of people like him.

Dean has figured out that something is going on that he doesn’t know about. Crowley is finding out all the dirt on Rowena from the witch that she turned into a hamster.  I wonder what she knows. What skeletons does she have in the closet, and is it actual skeletons? Crowley wants a person found but we don’t know who it is yet. Charlie can’t work with Rowena, I don’t know who could though. Rowena can be a royal witch (ha-ha did you see what I did there)!

The Styne family is harvesting body parts?  It looks like everyone in the family has had some extra body parts added or down right replaced. Who does that and why haven’t we heard the name Styne before? Why that would be because they have changed their name. I guess with a name like Frankenstein you have to change it or everyone would be after you. I can already see the pitch forks and angry mobs forming.  Dean finds out the the Styne family is kind of like a hydra when you cut one head off another grows back.

Supernatural: Dark Dynasty

Dean also finds out that the book of the damned cannot be destroyed, that it is protected by something.  It dawns on him that Sam is lying about it.  The Styne boy that they had captured, rips his arm off like it is nothing. I guess when you are related to Frankenstein you can do crazy stuff like that. I mean he can just go get another one. Do they have like a stash of body parts somewhere? Oh my arm is missing let me just go to the warehouse and get another one.

Charlie has left the “safe house” by herself and the the Styne boy has found her. I don’t like where this is going. What will he do to Charlie when he finds her? I know he is supposed to kill her, but will he? Charlie cracks the code just in time for the Styne boy to bust down the door to her. She is not going down without a fight though. He kills her! I cannot believe he killed her. R.I.P. Charlie you will be missed by every Supernatural person out there, go have a beer with Bobby and we will see you again.

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