Guardians of the Galaxy Spoilers and Spoiler-free section

By | August 1, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Spoilers Free

The first few parts of this review will have no Guardians of the Galaxy spoilers, and there will be a banner that says “spoilers ahead” when I start telling all.  Guardians is hands down the best movie I’ve seen all year, or in recent years for that matter.  This movie is exactly what Marvel needed following Iron Man 3.  Don’t get me wrong, Captain America and Thor’s recent movies were good, but they don’t have the comedic punch that Iron Man has.  I really feel that the ball got dropped in Iron Man 3, and that’s ok, because it seems that Guardians of the Galaxy are picking up that role.  This movie is really impossible to pin down.  It has great drama, action, and comedy.  It’s exactly what the end of Summer of needed.  Marvel studios have announced plans for a sequel in about 3 years.  This could be before the big Avengers 3 movie.  It’s a long road to see Thanos as the big bad guy, but Guardians takes more steps than previous movies.  You’ll get to have these Infinity Stones all the uber geeks have been talking about actually explained to you in the movie (in case you’ve never read the comics saga).

Guardians of the Galaxy Spoilers - Infinity Stones

Special effects and make up really pull you into this alien world.  Computer generated Groot and Rocket were very well done and blended in perfectly with everyone else.  This is definitely a must-see movie!  I’ll also add that if you have any Marvel background at all, there will be something or some name that you recognize.  They very effortlessly used more references than I could count.  I say effortlessly because it did not burden the movie or make it inaccessible.  Ok, I think that’s all I can say without geeking out and spoiling something for you, so if you’re ready let’s really get down and dirty with some good Guardians of the Galaxy spoilers!

Guardians of the Galaxy Spoilers

Guardians of the Galaxy Spoilers!

So, Star Lord aka Peter Quill has a pretty rough thing happen to him back in 1988.  His mom dies, and then he’s essentially abducted by extraterrestrials.  We find out later that Peter’s dad is alien and that the abductors were supposed to be delivering young Peter to his father.  Instead they raised him to be a Ravager, a sort of Space Pirate Junker type.  We get introduced pretty well to Marvel’s Outer Space universe, including the Kree and the Nova Corps.  The entire plot of this movie revolves around Kree fanatic Ronan trying to get his hands on a sphere that contains one of the Infinity Stones (more on that later) as part of a deal with Thanos.  We see a ton of Thanos in this movie.  You hear about how he tortured and transformed his “daughters” into weapons, and it’s definitely understood that he is a bad dude.

Guardians of the Galaxy Spoilers - Ronan

Ronan The Accuser wielding the Stone of Power in his hammer.

The Infinity Stone of this movie, which was purple, almost made it’s way into the hands of The Collector.  His last appearance was at the end of Thor 2: The Dark World.  Follow the link for the review.  At that time, Volstagg and Sif were leaving the Aether with him.  Funny enough, the Aether has been identified as an Infinity Stone, just not a particular one.  They have also said that they may not be exactly like the gems in the comics.  Color is a big indicator here.  There’s actually a wikipedia article for the gems so you can read about the original colors and powers.  I’ll show you the current movie take.

Guardians of the Galaxy Spoilers - Infinity StonesAs you can see, they’re not sticking to the original color / power chart.  But who cares really?  Not this guy.  At the end of Guardians we know that the Stone of Space is in Asgard, the Aether is with The Collector, and the Stone of Power is with the Nova Corps on Xandar.  It seems that the third Avengers movie, which will feature Thanos as the main villain and will tie in every single character Marvel Studios has the rights to, will start with Thanos or his pawns hitting several locations of the Marvel universe to gather the Infinity Stones.  Should make for an action packed start to an already epic scale movie.

Let’s talk about the end of the movie now.  Nebula, portrayed by Karen Gillam, was a fierce adversary in this movie and in the end managed to get away.  That definitely helps answer the question of whether or not Nebula could help in saving the Universe from Thanos.  I’m going to go with a yes to that one.  I’m hoping that she will pop up elsewhere and try to not be so evil.  Her end goal with helping Ronan in this movie was the hope that he would kill Thanos, so she does have that going for her.

After the credits, you don’t exactly get a shawarma scene.  Guardians flipped those on us.  You’ve got to sit through all the credits for the next interesting bit.  What would have been a shawarma scene: Groot as a little tree dancing, was moved to the front of the credits sequence.  So… what was all the way at the end of the credits?  We go back to The Collector sitting amongst his destroyed collection and then get a new character to the mix.  A character that is featured in The Infinity Gauntlet comics saga.  Howard the Duck!

Guardians of the Galaxy Spoilers - Howard the Duck

From the demeanor and style, this is definitely a Howard from the comics and not the Howard from the 80’s movie featuring Lea Thompson.  I guess Marvel figured if the public was ready for Rocket Racoon, they’re ready for Howard the Duck.  Of course, we may not see Howard again until the Avengers 3, but who knows?  After Avengers Age of Ultron some of these smaller characters may be popping up as cameos in all the movies.

If you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy, let us know what you thought by leaving a comment below.

5 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy Spoilers and Spoiler-free section

  1. Brock

    Just got back from seeing it and it is AWESOME! Things I want to point out are the movie had an excellent soundtrack! I do like it when songs that are used in the trailers are actually used in the movie. Very happy! Second thing, and I don’t know if you know this, Guardians of the Galaxy was written by the biggest author that Games Workshop and the Black Library have: Dan Abnett! I really need to review some of his work for the site. Finally, agreed the amount of comedy in this movie really made it a stellar movie and do hope, much to the groaning of others, that Howard the Duck will get a rise in popularity and get some kind of role in upcoming Marvel features. Hell, even the animation would be kewl!

    1. Doyle Post author

      I did not make that Dan Abnett connection, so good looking out for me there. This Howard the Duck seems to be a close to the comics Howard and not some let’s make a Kid’s movie Howard. I’m pretty excited.

  2. Blaine Hodge

    Great review! I saw this last night in a sold out theater and it was one of the best movie going experiences I’ve had since Lord of the Rings. This movie was very ambitious taking characters that aren’t familiar to most none comic readers. Even with familiar characters like Iron Man and Spider-Man the first movie tends to be more of an origin film where you learn the characters. But with this you get maybe a 5 minute backstory and then you feel like you’ve known these characters for years. The comedy was so appropriate that it never felt out of place or like it was there just to get a cheap laugh. Lee Pace is one of my favorite actors (The Fall, he was amazing) and that was probably the best villain Marvel has put on screen. Granted I think I will be changing my tune when Thanos gets some serious screen time. I enjoyed the Guardians comics and when the movie was announced I was skeptical, but they nailed it.

    1. Doyle Post author

      I completely agree with you about the back story / origin thing. This movie was not weighed down with that at all… and yet, people understood what was going on. Great film making!

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