Gotham Viper

By | October 20, 2014

This week’s episode of Gotham Viper, gives us more teasers and gives rise to more theories.  This is going to be filled with spoilers, so if you haven’t seen Viper yet now is the time to watch it.  The show opens with Maroni planning a casino heist to mess with Falcone and a mysterious guy giving a very honest street performer free drugs.  The side of the vial said “Breathe me” in a twisted homage to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Gotham Viper

Gotham Viper – Fish and the “Secret Weapon”

The whole Fish storyline is a little boring.  Clearly, she will not make it out of the show alive, or at least in power.  The only reason to keep watching her is to see just how she will fall.  We see her training her “secret weapon” early in the episode before Falcone calls a family meeting to give everyone the current status of things.  Fish has an altercation with another mobster, but we later see them in bed together and find out that they’re in it together to take out Falcone.  More than likely, Fish is just using him though.  At the end of the show we see Falcone feeding the pidgins when Liza struts onto the scene singing the song Fish was teaching her.  Apparently the song was sang to baby Falcone by his mother.  Essentially, Liza’s in for Falcone.  I have a feeling that Fish may lose the attempted coup on Falcone due to a double cross from Liza.  That’s just a theory.

Gotham Viper – Viper: the precursor to Venom

The title of the show and drug plaguing the streets of Gotham is revealed to be a flawed version of a super soldier serum.  The flaw has been corrected and the new version is called Venom!  The chemical that fuels famous Bat-Villain Bane.  In the investigation, Gordon discovers that there may be a connection between Viper and Wayne Enterprises via Wellzyne.  Bruce also thinks there may be some concerning relations between Wayne Enterprises and what is going on with the corruption in Gotham.  The episode closes out with Gordon looking into a warehouse he was tipped off to by the Viper killer.  Definitely a Wayne Enterprises enterprise and Venom is one of their projects.  The intrigue builds.

The Penguin’s story continued

The Penguin reveals his secret, former employee of Fish Mooney, to Don Maroni.  Which gets him into some immediate danger, until Gordon is called in to validate the story.  Gordon tells the truth, which is what Oswald had done.  So he gets the trust of Maroni and becomes his secret weapon.  This season seems to be mostly the story of The Penguin with a general story about Gotham progressing slowly.