Gotham Selina Kyle and The Balloonman

By | October 11, 2014

Combining the last two episodes of Gotham Selina Kyle and The Balloonman into one article.  No over the top spoilers, but spoiler is such a loose term that I will advise that if you’re sensitive to spoilers, watch the episodes before reading further.

Selina Kyle

In an episode that was previewed as all about The Penguin, he was barely featured.  Which was good.  I wanted a small break from the character so he could get in a more interesting place.  The villain for this episode was actually unseen.  I liked that a lot!  However, it was the Dollmaker.  So now we’ve got the Dollmaker on two different DC shows.  The Barton Mathis version was featured in season 2 of Arrow: Broken Dolls.  Looks like Gotham has the Anton Schott version based on the events of this episode.

I was really surprised to see the episode opening up with Bruce and Alfred.  I’m still not a fan of this gruff and crass Alfred Pennyworth.  Anyways, there really wasn’t a lot of attention given to the Wayne manor this episode, and that definitely something I liked.  With the uncertainty of where this show is eventually going, I’m not very interested in watching young Bruce deal with his grief.  This episode, instead, focused on the episode namesake: Selina Kyle.  She prefers the name Cat.  I like that too.  So far she’s my favorite character of the show.  Camren Bicondova seems to really know how to portray the character of an early Catwoman.  Direction seems to be spot on for her too.  You get to see her being ferocious, coy, and manipulative.  It’s perfect.  So, Selina gets embroiled with street kids being kidnapped by a very creepy couple working for the Dollmaker.  Like I said previously, we don’t actually see the Dollmaker, he’s just referenced.  After all the dust settles, Cat (Selina) attempts to strike up a deal with Jim Gordon for her freedom in exchange for the identity of the person who killed the Waynes.

gotham selina kyle and the balloonman

The Balloonman

A few more spoilers this time.  You’ve been warned.  The episode starts off with Penguin’s return to the city.  Witnessing the crime and corruption, he feels at home.  This is when the Balloonman strikes.  He handcuffs corrupted people to weather balloons and sends them up, up, and away.  Cat also manages to prove to Gordon that she was at the alley the night the Waynes were murdered, but slips away to the streets again.  The scenes with Bruce and Alfred seem to be a bit predictable, but it’s just hard to know what to really make of them.  Will extra time pass between seasons?  It’s really hard to know whats what since the show has not officially been renewed for a second season.  This is Fox we’re talking about.  The same folks who cancelled Firefly.  The show hasn’t officially been cancelled yet either, so don’t lose hope if you’re enjoying it.  It could take a much more sophisticated approach  to the Smallville method of having the hero become a hero without donning a cape.  For our protagonists, this was much more of a filler episode, but for our villains there were major developments.  Penguin is cozying up to a different crime family in hopes of getting his hands on a little power.  Fish Mooney is delicately trading blows with Don Falcone, and I can already predict that this is not going to end well for her.

Gotham Selina Kyle and the Balloonman – The Story So Far

At first it’s a little hard to see a Batman-based crime drama, but then I remind myself that he is “the world’s greatest detective” and premiered in Detective Comics, which is what DC stands for.  It does make sense that Bruce would become obsessed with crime solving after witnessing his parents’ murder.  I’m very interested in seeing this season through now.  I was a bit hesitant after the premiere.  I even waited until the weekend before the fourth episode to catch the second and third.  The Selina Kyle episode really encouraged me to keep watching and I’m looking forward to what’s coming on Monday.  There’s no argument that Marvel is killing it at the box office, DC owns television.  With Gotham on Mondays, The Flash on Tuesdays, Arrow on Wednesdays, and Constantine coming to Fridays the 24th of this month DC has a live-action action-packed TV schedule.  I love the Marvel Studios Movies (Ironman, Captain America, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc.) but I’m a DC comics guy at heart.

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